Salty Things


If you have been following my blog from its early stages you might have noticed my obsession with Himalayan salt lamps. There are so many things that I love about this new trend, from the style, the ambiance it creates in my bedroom, to the actual relaxation in provides right before I fall asleep (I leave it on 24/7, and due to its tiny light bulb, I highly doubt that I consumes a lot of electricity).

While shopping for Himalayan salt lamps, I’ve come across 10000+ different options, from a wide variety of price ranges, and even many that look exactly the same (lighting, wooden base, etc.). But as similar these may be, these are not all the same!

For example, I was very excited when I purchased my first Himalayan salt as it was super cute and different. One of the first things that I noticed while using it was that the color was very faded. I thought this was the norm (boring), until I got my second salt lamp, which I used as a comparison point. Another thing that was particularly interesting is that the salt lamp seemed to be melting! I understand that these lamps are supposed to help with toxins in the air and other stuff (which I will discuss below), but it wasn’t until I got my second salt lamp was that I noticed that it is not supposed to melt into some wet residue thing.

After trying some bad and some great salt lamps, one at the top of my list is Salt Lamp Imports natural pink Himalayan salt rock. One of the things that I appreciated about this lamp is the fact that the wooden base is very sturdy and supports the weight of the salt (which is somewhat heavy)… some of my previous lamps had very loose or weak bases, which was counterproductive and even yielded some safety concerns (imagine that huge thing falling on your foot!). The lamp also has a smooth, but “rocky” and rustic style, which can easily suit contemporary, minimalistic, and even country-styled homes.

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Fun fact: I placed the tip of my tongue on the lamp and it’s actually salty! It may seem pretty obvious, but I wasn’t expecting it.

Apart from the amazing design and feel, one of the things that I really like is its amazing qualities. For example, the ions in the salt can actually reduce allergens and improve air quality. Also, it helps block electromagnetic radiation that comes from electronics such as computers, TV’s, and cellphones. Lastly, the ions in the lamp promotes a cleaner and calmer environment, and purifies the air.

I’m obsessed with this salt lamp and I think it would be a great addition to anyone’s home. Check it out!