It Keeps Getting Better


This is seriously a dream come true. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better – it did. I’m crazy obsessed with my Marrado Table Lamp and Bluetooth Speaker, and I can’t shut up about it.

I love how different and versatile this lamp is, so I definitely had to go for it!

The lamp has a modern, sleek, and super smooth look. I love that everything works through touch sensor and it is easy to work around. The table lamp have warm and bright lighting settings to work it according to your needs; and when you want to spice it up, you also have a color setting mode, allowing you to change the lighting to purple, blue, red, etc.

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Apart from the cool lighting settings, it also allows you to pair your smartphone via Bluetooth. The connection is easy, fast, and the Bluetooth doesn’t require any complicated passwords or pairing instructions. I was more than surprised when I paired my iPhone to the lamp – the music goes as loud as can be, all while sounding so smooth and with amazing harmony. Again, I didn’t expect this lamp to sound so well, meaning that I’m anticipating many fun activities with it. You can actually charge the lamp and then use it fully wireless, which is very feasible and free.

I’m so super obsessed and I think you should check it out!