Load Of Cable

img_3964I’m an Apple junkie. Although I’ve been disappointed with the recent iPhone models 7/8/X, I still appreciate the science and the beauty behind the iPhone, and neither do I plan on switching to another brand anytime in the future.

With the iPhone comes amazing benefits and breath-taking features, but also great annoyances, such as the USB charging cables. All iPhone users constantly joke and complain about the quality of the original or OEM iPhone cable as the durability is worse than worse.

In the market, there are a multitude of brands offering generic alternative for users, and in my personal experiences, ALL THESE CABLES SUCK TOO! They won’t connect to iTunes, or iTunes won’t recognize them as valid cables, or they’ll take forever to charge the iPhone, or heat up and get caught on fire (yes super scary experience). or have worse durability than the original iPhone chargers (many times, they go bad within hours of use)… I could go on and on, but you get the point.

After trying all these fiascos, I decided that my favorite types of iPhone chargers are the braided ones, but even so, it is hard to find a quality one. As a result, I did a mini experiment and decided to buy a bunch of random ones from Amazon and eBay, and although I’m half-way through my experiment, I wanted to share my favorite one so far: Aimus Lightning USB Cable.

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The first thing I loved about this cable is that it still works after a week of use! This may sound “basic” but this is so important, because as I mentioned, many of my recently purchases cables have broken after few hours of use. This cable is 6ft long, meaning that I can use my iPhone comfortable while charging, without having to adopt a weird position or flip my arms uncomfortably (especially when laying in bed at night!).

The cable is braided with premium aluminum alloy housing and nylon + cotton, which adds premium durability (reason why it is still not broken). Normally, braided iPhone chargers are 3.5mm in diameter, but Aimus is 4.0mm in diameter, which adds even more protection. The cable actually chargers pretty fast compared to your average iPhone charger, and I’m able to sync data through iTunes without a problem. According to the manufacturer, the cable chargers at 5v 2.4a maximum, and up to 100w, which is a safe charging strength. And before I forget, it comes with a cute pouch to store your cable!

Don’t forget to check it out!

Salty Things


If you have been following my blog from its early stages you might have noticed my obsession with Himalayan salt lamps. There are so many things that I love about this new trend, from the style, the ambiance it creates in my bedroom, to the actual relaxation in provides right before I fall asleep (I leave it on 24/7, and due to its tiny light bulb, I highly doubt that I consumes a lot of electricity).

While shopping for Himalayan salt lamps, I’ve come across 10000+ different options, from a wide variety of price ranges, and even many that look exactly the same (lighting, wooden base, etc.). But as similar these may be, these are not all the same!

For example, I was very excited when I purchased my first Himalayan salt as it was super cute and different. One of the first things that I noticed while using it was that the color was very faded. I thought this was the norm (boring), until I got my second salt lamp, which I used as a comparison point. Another thing that was particularly interesting is that the salt lamp seemed to be melting! I understand that these lamps are supposed to help with toxins in the air and other stuff (which I will discuss below), but it wasn’t until I got my second salt lamp was that I noticed that it is not supposed to melt into some wet residue thing.

After trying some bad and some great salt lamps, one at the top of my list is Salt Lamp Imports natural pink Himalayan salt rock. One of the things that I appreciated about this lamp is the fact that the wooden base is very sturdy and supports the weight of the salt (which is somewhat heavy)… some of my previous lamps had very loose or weak bases, which was counterproductive and even yielded some safety concerns (imagine that huge thing falling on your foot!). The lamp also has a smooth, but “rocky” and rustic style, which can easily suit contemporary, minimalistic, and even country-styled homes.

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Fun fact: I placed the tip of my tongue on the lamp and it’s actually salty! It may seem pretty obvious, but I wasn’t expecting it.

Apart from the amazing design and feel, one of the things that I really like is its amazing qualities. For example, the ions in the salt can actually reduce allergens and improve air quality. Also, it helps block electromagnetic radiation that comes from electronics such as computers, TV’s, and cellphones. Lastly, the ions in the lamp promotes a cleaner and calmer environment, and purifies the air.

I’m obsessed with this salt lamp and I think it would be a great addition to anyone’s home. Check it out!



Just A Little Help

If you’re in your mid 20’s and living in this century, chances are you posses a load of technological gadgets.

Juggling between laptops, smartphones, tablets, Bluetooth speakers, and other fun stuff means constant carrying of cables and constant charging… and after a while, it can get messy and overwhelming.

I knew that I needed something simple and an immediate solution. A single charging port, with lots of power, and that won’t break apart with the constant use. I went online and decided to get a hold of Aropey 4 port USB charging station, which works well with iPhones, iPads, Samsung devices, and anything that chargers through an USB.

There are multiple things that I liked about Aropey compared to the other charging stations I was checking out. For example, is has a multi-protect safety system and premium grade circuitry to ensure that devices (and myself) are protected. Also, it supports both original charging cables and third-party cables, so you don’t have to deal with those typically annoying issues with third-party cables such as overheating or undercharging. Additionally, Aropey has worldwide compatibility, with a 110v and 240v input. Last but not least, it promotes fast charging, meaning that it detects and delivers optimal charging pumps up to 20W, allowing me to charge 4 devices at the same time at high speed.

Upon receiving my Aropey charging bank, there were other things that I was able to appreciate, including the fact that it is very lightweight and that its own electricity cable is very sturdy. This means that I can now carry less cables and chargers and just focus on making it through my day.

Overall, it’s an amazing find and I think you should check it out!


Keeping it Warm

Fall is an excuse for cute scarves, pumpkin spice, and lots of shopping around. As the season and the weather transitions, I’m looking for things to make my routine more doable.

For example, mornings are cold, and there’s nothing worse than freezing in the car and waiting an eternity for the heater to work. Although I love the vibes of the cold months, I don’t enjoy dealing with the brutality of it, so I went ahead and got a hold of Big Ant heated seat cushion.

There were a few things that inspired my decision to try it. For example, I liked that this was marketed as an universal seat for cars. This meant that I would be able to move it around depending on which car I would use for the day. I also liked how they promoted a flame retardant sponge and high quality resistance wires. I’m always a little paranoid about the flame factor with these types of articles, especially after I saw my college roommate’s plugin blanket catch on fire!

I also liked how simple the packaging was. The seat is large enough, but the packaging materials and instructions didn’t take up a lot of space, so you’re able to store it anywhere around the house, until you need to use it. I also think that the plaid sewing design gives it a nice look for the most elegant to the most simple car craftsmanship.

At first, I was concerned about the fact that it can take 3-5 minutes to warm up. In my opinion, it felt that it would take forever to warm up while I was freezing my butt off. But after trying it, I figured it was a total exaggeration! If you think about it logically, any product of this nature (that is safe) won’t go from 0 to hot in a snap; this isn’t a realistic expectation, neither would it promote safe standards (as people take heat differently or feel comfortable in different heat settings).

In simple terms: I love it. This heated seat cushion is easy to plug and warms ups right under 5 minutes. It has an anti-slip and rubber sole, which creates a great grip between myself and the seat (no matter what I wear) – you know, sometimes silky fabrics or dresses can become a slippery mess. It has low and high heat settings, keeping a natural temperate between 110 and 120 Fahrenheit. The seat is also standard, so I was able to fit in in my van and sports car.

I think anyone that needs additional heating during the winter, who doesn’t necessarily use their car heat at a high setting, or who wants butt comfort as they drive should give this a try. I personally think that there is a huge difference between the car’s heating hitting your face vs. feeling warmth directly on your body.

Overall and very exciting find. Check it out!



It Keeps Getting Better


This is seriously a dream come true. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better – it did. I’m crazy obsessed with my Marrado Table Lamp and Bluetooth Speaker, and I can’t shut up about it.

I love how different and versatile this lamp is, so I definitely had to go for it!

The lamp has a modern, sleek, and super smooth look. I love that everything works through touch sensor and it is easy to work around. The table lamp have warm and bright lighting settings to work it according to your needs; and when you want to spice it up, you also have a color setting mode, allowing you to change the lighting to purple, blue, red, etc.

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Apart from the cool lighting settings, it also allows you to pair your smartphone via Bluetooth. The connection is easy, fast, and the Bluetooth doesn’t require any complicated passwords or pairing instructions. I was more than surprised when I paired my iPhone to the lamp – the music goes as loud as can be, all while sounding so smooth and with amazing harmony. Again, I didn’t expect this lamp to sound so well, meaning that I’m anticipating many fun activities with it. You can actually charge the lamp and then use it fully wireless, which is very feasible and free.

I’m so super obsessed and I think you should check it out!



It Keeps Getting Better


At this point, you’re probably aware of my ongoing obsession with Bluetooth speakers; I love the feasibility, the freedom, the lightweight, the power, etc.

At time passes by, I notice more and more improvement in features, with AncordWorks Bluetooth shower speaker being one of the coolest.

There are so many things that are different about this speaker, compared to the typical Bluetooth speaker. Let’s start with the fact that it is waterproof! This mean that I can use it while in the shower and even answer phone calls without worrying about getting my iPhone wet!

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AncordWorks is very lightweight and feels great in the hands, but at the same time it is very well made and it is super sturdy, which is a necessary feature as it is shock, dirt, and sand proof.

The Bluetooth connection to my iPhone is easy, smooth, and doesn’t require a password! – Earlier speakers required a password to connect with my iPhone, which was pretty annoying and time consuming (as it wasn’t a custom password).

AncordWorks can play music up to 23 hours (none of the speakers I own can’t play music this long, maybe 5 hours at most), and it comes with a memory card and card reader which allows you to store up to 1,000 songs.

The sound is great, and can go loud without the sound of static…

PS. It also comes with all the necessary charging tools and a very suction cup to mount it in the shower.

Check it out!



Fall Must-Haves

It’s the first day of October, and for the first time this fall, we had a nicely chilly day, which is bittersweet.

With the changes in season also comes new beauty routines, and one of the things that is always affected by these changes is my hair. The colder weather makes my hair stay in place for longer periods of time; however, I struggle with things such as hair that becomes very dry and tangled. There are a few things that I’ve been using to aid this dryness, with one of my favorites being Rusk Deepshine Oil Moisture Conditioner.

This conditioner is specifically aimed for hydration and smoothness, detangling and transforming dry hair! Rusk Deepshine is enriched with argan oil, and provides protection against chemical damage, thermal damage, and even damage caused by environmental changes (bingo!).

I love that a little bit of this conditioner goes a long way (I tend to need huge chunks of conditioner to detangle my hair). It also detangles my hair easily (meaning that I don’t have to pull my hair extra hard to detangle, which in the long run is damaging for the hair). In the end, it leaves my hair super smooth, meaning that I’m needing less products to keep my hair in place, and for the same reasons I can go longer without washing my hair.

This is simply a miracle worker and I certainly think you should check it out!