My Prerogative

I’m a total Apple junkie. I’ve owned every iPad and iPhone that has come out; from the 4 up to the 6 – and my amazement ended there.

As zombie-like it may seem, I loved the idea of getting a new iPhone every year due to the fresh perspective and technology, but it just hasn’t been the same anymore.

For me, the iPhone 6 was revolutionary as it provided a larger screen, a Plus model, and faster technology. But then came the iPhone 6s, with the only revolutionary change being the 3D Touch. For me, this wasn’t significant enough to upgrade to the iPhone 6s, especially after considering what most tech experts claimed, “These changes were possible on any iPhone model with a simple software update.”

Then came the iPhone 7: not only does it look pretty similar to the 6, but now it lacks a headphone jack. We know that an adapter is a viable solution; however, carrying a bunch of adapters seemed counterproductive for me as I want feasibility and things that will make my life easier, instead of having to carry extra tools, extra wires, extra things…

With all these insignificant upgrades, and being stuck with the iPhone 6, I was super excited and so looking forward to today’s Apple event, as I was hoping for innovation and finally being able to upgrade my iPhone (yes I’m having difficulty considering a phone brand that isn’t Apple).

The iPhone 8 is finally announced, and again, it is a model that looks like the iPhone 6, except for the materials and maybe the variation of colors. And of course, like it’s previous model, it doesn’t have a headphone jack, which to me is an epic fail. Apple allows engravings or personalization in most, if not all gadgets available for sale- why not make headphone jacks an optional features for buyers, especially if it so widely present in many technological gadgets today? Even so, I was considering the idea of getting the 8, until I learned about its all glass body… this means that my iPhone is at a greater risk of breaking. Nevertheless, this all glass body allows wireless charging, which isn’t a free feature of course – you are obligated to pay over $245 for the charger, and not using an Apple branded one kicks you out of warranty. And then there’s the iPhone X, “innovative” I thought, but I won’t pay $1000 for a phone I will be replacing annually, even if I can afford it. On top of that, I hate the idea of not having a home button. I would now have to stare at my screen to unlock it (facial recognition) which isn’t suitable in situations where you want to unlock your iPhone secretively, which I’m able to with the fingerprints on the iPhone 6. And to add to my concern, without a home button, there hasn’t been any mention of how people will be able to take screenshots on their phones.

Yes, we have to agree that the iPhone have other technological features, speeds, processors, and other advances that are exciting and useful. However, with the new physical features (of lack of thereof), I feel that I have more to lose by upgrading.