Most of us have an elderly loved one in our families; in my case, it is my grandmothers.

Regardless of their age, they always seek to stay active, as they preach that an active lifestyle leads to a long life. After so many years of adventure and the birth of multiple children, they deal with a few physical constraints here and there, including leakage.

I speak about this openly for so many reasons, including the fact that our bodies are a reflection of our story; therefore, leakage tells the story of a life well-lived and the birth of loving children.

I’ve sought many solutions to help them out, some more comfortable than others, but not optimal. Then I came across Wearever underwear and put them to the try.

There are many things that they loved about it, including the fact that these are so comfortable and look like regular underwear. I personally think that’s the greatest asset, the fact that the underwear is stylish (by the way, they also make underwear for men).

Due to the success in my family, I decided to get a pair myself (for those comprising days, AKA periods) and I love these a lot. As I mentioned, these are very comfortable, easy to wash (it can last close to 300 washes or so), the heavy protection is so great that nothing leaks through, the comfort level is superb, and these are super discrete.

Whether it’s for a loved one or yourself, I think these are worth the shot.

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