It’s Fall And…

It’s officially the first day of fall and I’m beyond excited!! In between the warm apple teas, pre-thanksgiving pumpkin pie, and the increase in family reunions, my favorite thing is being able to redo my wardrobe for the coming cold months. So far, I’ve gotten a hold of some fall essentials, such as a lightContinue reading “It’s Fall And…”

Just A Quickie

I have a very large family, and with that comes many things, including a bunch of electronics – all connected to my wifi. With one million different things connected to my wifi, I noticed that my internet connection was gradually getting slower. On this phase, I was getting late emails, some things weren’t loading, andContinue reading “Just A Quickie”

My Prerogative

I’m a total Apple junkie. I’ve owned every iPad and iPhone that has come out; from the 4 up to the 6 – and my amazement ended there. As zombie-like it may seem, I loved the idea of getting a new iPhone every year due to the fresh perspective and technology, but it just hasn’tContinue reading “My Prerogative”

Healthy Vibes

A healthy body and mind is very important for a healthy functioning. I try to take yoga classes and eat a healthy diet as often as I can, but sometimes our own efforts need an extra boost – that’s when we have to start considering supplements. The supplement market is very vast. There is aContinue reading “Healthy Vibes”

Shine Bright Like A Diamond

I’m obsessed with jewelry (who isn’t, right?) And with my obsession comes an immense collection of rings, bracelets, and earrings. With prolonged wear these can get stained, and I always seek quick solutions to clean them, such as baking soda, ketchup, and even toothpaste. These were doing and okay job, but I still wanted somethingContinue reading “Shine Bright Like A Diamond”


Most of us have an elderly loved one in our families; in my case, it is my grandmothers. Regardless of their age, they always seek to stay active, as they preach that an active lifestyle leads to a long life. After so many years of adventure and the birth of multiple children, they deal withContinue reading “Conceal”