Comfort Days Part II

If you’ve been following my blog, you may recall my experience using Linyco reclinable folding chair, and how much I loved it. It turns out that everyone else at home loves it, so I went ahead and got myself a second one – but this time, without a leg rest.

I went for a different model because I wanted some variety – I want to be able to rest my legs one day, and sit normally on the other.

I like that both models meet exceptional quality standards, regardless of the design. You know, sometimes products come in different variations, but one can be worse than the other.

This chair meets all the high standard as my previous Linyco model, including:

– Super sturdy material

– Holds up to 200 pounds

– A storage bag (this time, I actually attached a picture of the storage bag and the chair when folded).

– It weights under 11 pounds, making it very easy to carry around.

– It brings a detachable pillow, for your convenience.

– Storage space for drinks or pretty much anything on both left and right arm.

– Lifetime warranty!

I’m obsessed with my chairs and I think they’re worth every dime.

You should check them out too!