Handy Girl

I’m the one who is most likely to get handy around the house; and with so many tools, I wanted to find something fast, efficient, and lightweight to accomplish my handy job around the house.

Out of all the tools in my toolbox, my most used one is my screwdriver. The driver was okay-efficient, but it lost charge quite easily, it was heavy, the large size made it difficult to get in certain areas, and the list goes on.

I knew that I wanted something more modern and minimalistic to work around the house. That’s when I got a hold of Globanza: The Hive Power Pocket Tool – and I’m so excited!

I love how up to date this screwdriver is! I can actually charge it via USB, meaning that I can use my laptop and even my iPhone charger to power it up.

It is very lightweight, but at the same time, heavy enough to provide balance and precision. The shape is also small enough to store it anywhere, and its shape also allows me to work in edges and hard-to-reach areas.

Some of my others favorite things include the fact that it has led lighting (so efficient!) and it brings the most common replacement heads, meaning that I won’t fall behind during a project.

Check it out!