The Life Of The Party

Family gatherings are very important for me. As a result, I always seek fun ways to make them appealing, pretty, and welcoming for my family members.

September is around the corner, and when we least expect it, so will the holidays, so I started figuring out decoration ideas for the upcoming parties.

With the back and forth, I came across AGPtek LED submergible waterproof lights, and I’m obsessed.

These come in a variety of colors including pink, yellow, and multicolor (I chose mine in pink). I like that these are very small, yet the lights are very potent. These lights are flower-shaped, which is cool for a variety of party ideas. Although the flower shape is present, the actual design isn’t too prominent, which is great as it allows me to incorporate it to a variety of decoration ideas.

As I mentioned, these are waterproof, so my next plan will be a romantic dinner with water-filled glasses. The batteries actually last close to 50 hours, which is enough for at family gatherings (to me, it would be up to 10 parties or so).

I think these are fantastic and are worth every single dime.

Check them out!

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