Rocking My Summer

If you live anywhere where you get to experience all four seasons, you are aware of how long and torturous winters can be.

As soon summer time comes, I take advantage of everything it has to offer, including cookouts, camping, and even a day under the sun.

I have tried many reclining chairs, some better than others, and many with issues that I can’t overcome, such as its weak reclining features, discomfort, and sometimes they’re hard to carry.

As a result, I went on a mini search and came across Lynico reclining chair- should I say fantastic?

By far, this is the best reclining chair I’ve owned. I love how freaking lightweight it is! With under 11 pounds, I can carry it anywhere without dragging. The reclining feature is also very sturdy and well designed, so I don’t feel like I’m going to fall off the chair. It is also very comfortable and it has space for cups on both left and right arms. Of course, these are spacious enough to put pretty much anything you need, from sunglasses, to small gym towers, smartphones… you name it. To give an example, I’m able to fit two fits in each space.

The mesh is actually very comfortable, so when I get to sit there for prolonged times, I don’t feel like my butt is going to fall apart. Last but not least, one of my ultimate favorite features is that it brings its own detachable pillow! Not only is it cool, but it provides great comfort for my back and neck.

Definitely check it out!