Saving My Car

The weather can be rough (sometimes there is no in-between). Throughout the year, we are either burning or freezing cold (especially if you’re exposed to all 4 seasons). And just like the weather affects us and our physical health in so many ways, so are many of our outdoor items, including our cars.

During the summer, I notice that my car gets extremely hot, and it with, there is discoloration and peeling paint. And during the winter, there’s frozen ice all over it, and as I clean it, I end up scratching it.

Soon enough, I came to the realization that I truly need to figure out a way to protect my car. For this reason, I went ahead and got a hold of XCAR car cover – and it’s fabulous.

This car cover fits about 200 inches in length, and it brings a cable lock to protect the cover from heavy winds.

The cover is breathable (which is always important), but it’s waterproof and protects cars from UV rays.

It’s overall a great item: the material is sturdy, I love that it is wind proof, and the fact that it can provide superior protection in most weather conditions.

Check it out!