Treasure Hunt

img_3165I’ve been wearing anklet bracelets for as long I can remember. After trying so many styles, materials, and designs, there are a few things that aren’t easily bypassed:

  • Can break with use.
  • Can scratch the back of my foot when wearing tight shoes.
  • The made/design can scratch my skin (weather I’m wearing shoes or not).
  • The material gets dull through time.

In my experience, this has happened with every made, price, and design. In the end, sometimes it is not about price or name brand, but about quality.

After breaking my favorite heart-chain anklet bracelet (for the second time) I made up my mind about buying a different style bracelet at a more affordable price point; that’s when I got a hold of Boderier Leaf Anklet Bracelet.

What can I say? I simply like it A LOT.

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I love that it has a bunch of leafs in it (compared to my previous heart bracelet, which only had a few). Yet, it is so comfortable! My bracelet no longer scratches behind my ankle or rub painfully against my skin when I walk.

The design is also very pretty and shiny, but at the same time looks simple and classy. In my opinion, it’s a style that goes well with any style of shoes or clothing combination.

Overall I think it is a very cute piece of great value for the price.