It Starts Within


I’m a total supplement junkie. The reasons are many (apart from the obvious health reasons) but also many other of my physical conditions.

I have tried a tons of supplements, some greater than others, some causing indigestion, and many even causing allergic reactions, and many others that may have not caused an adverse reaction, but simply do nothing (so it is a total waste of pill swallowing).

One of my favorite supplement brands is Natrogix due to the potency of their supplements, with my favorite supplement being their women’s multivitamins.

What I like about their women’s multivitamins is how complete it is:

  • Contains vitamins A, B, C, D, E, folic acid, biotin, calcium, magnesium, zinc, minerals, and antioxidants (this is great, as many “complete” multivitamins I have purchased before weren’t as complete as Natrogix).
  • Aids digestion, absorption of nutrients, and improved immune system.
  • Provides anti-aging properties such as bone, joints, muscles, and organ support.
  • The combination of ingredients aids the absorption of calcium and even supports the skin during its natural aging process.

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I personally love how well this has suited my lifestyle and energy level (I have too much going on). What I love the most is the fact that I don’t experience any stomach discomfort or side effects, and I don’t have to take a bunch of vitamins to accomplish my optimal health goals.

Check it out!

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