Spark Up My Party

img_3123Parties are never boring, but when they become “typical” or “basic” they lose up their charm. I love planing and bringing to life fun family gatherings, so it is always my job to figure out the coolest ways to add some spark to my parties.

After doing some online search on some party ideas, I came across LLOP 15 pack LED balloons, and I had to try them. I’m not sure how popular light-up balloons are, but I was particularly impressed with the idea.

I like that these are SO EASY to set up. I didn’t have to worry about any random or complicated preparation instructions, batteries, or anything of that sort. The balloons have a tab that you just have to pull, and you’re done. I haven’t tried to fill these up with helium (used pumped air), but I don’t see a problem with using helium.

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I like that these balloons are not like the typical cheap ones I find at the dollar store; these are actually made with a thick latex material, which you can feel upon playing around with the balloons. These also hold air very well and tightly, so I didn’t have to worry about them popping.

These come in a variety of colors, my favorites being yellow, pink, and blue. The LED lights ended up being pretty bright, and they easily last from 12-14 hours (which is enough lighting time for any party or occasion).

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Although these are great, I do have a few recommendations. For example, the balloons aren’t as bright during the day as they are during the night; so if this is something that you want to use during a nighttime party, I highly recommend it.

Overall, good item. Don’t forget to check it out!