Lovely Garden

img_3128Summer has its up and downs. The beautiful weather and the colorful nature is simply heartwarming. At the same time, a beautiful garden means extra work and care for our plants.

I’ve been dying to have an expendable hose as long I can remember. I’ve been using a “typical” hose in my yard, but it is heavy, hard, it leaks easily, and overall, can be a big hassle. I knew I wanted to transition to the new thing, so I went ahead and got ahead of Kelley General flexible water garden hose… and I’M OBSESSED.

This hose is 50 feet long (longer than my old hose), meaning that I can reach my garden, backyard, and even pool; but at the same time, it is super very light weight (weights less than my old hose). I think that the combination of super light weight and lengths are fantastic. As a side note, when it shrinks, it is about 25 feet long, so when storing it, it doesn’t take a lot of space.

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The materials in this hose are also top quality. It is corrosion resistant, meaning that it can handle both cold and hot weather, and high water pressure. The hose also has a latex core that is covered with very sturdy threading, which protects it greatly from leakage and other accidents.

When it comes to the nozzle, it has great pressure control, and seven different water pressure settings/patterns to use according to my watering needs.

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I’m pretty excited and so happy that I’m no longer using the old stuff.

Check it out!!