Saving My Time And My Wallet

We all have gadgets or electronics that we wish we could control remotely, with little or no success. As the weather is starting to cool down, I’m starting to think about the holidays, and my upcoming family shopping list. As I thought about this, I remembered my Christmas tree. There are a certain things IContinue reading “Saving My Time And My Wallet”

Comfort Days Part II

If you’ve been following my blog, you may recall my experience using Linyco reclinable folding chair, and how much I loved it. It turns out that everyone else at home loves it, so I went ahead and got myself a second one – but this time, without a leg rest. I went for a differentContinue reading “Comfort Days Part II”

Handy Girl

I’m the one who is most likely to get handy around the house; and with so many tools, I wanted to find something fast, efficient, and lightweight to accomplish my handy job around the house. Out of all the tools in my toolbox, my most used one is my screwdriver. The driver was okay-efficient, butContinue reading “Handy Girl”

Rocking My Summer

If you live anywhere where you get to experience all four seasons, you are aware of how long and torturous winters can be. As soon summer time comes, I take advantage of everything it has to offer, including cookouts, camping, and even a day under the sun. I have tried many reclining chairs, some betterContinue reading “Rocking My Summer”

The Life Of The Party

Family gatherings are very important for me. As a result, I always seek fun ways to make them appealing, pretty, and welcoming for my family members. September is around the corner, and when we least expect it, so will the holidays, so I started figuring out decoration ideas for the upcoming parties. With the backContinue reading “The Life Of The Party”

It Starts Within

I’m a total supplement junkie. The reasons are many (apart from the obvious health reasons) but also many other of my physical conditions. I have tried a tons of supplements, some greater than others, some causing indigestion, and many even causing allergic reactions, and many others that may have not caused an adverse reaction, butContinue reading “It Starts Within”

Butter Me Up

I have a confession to make… Yes I’m a health junkie, but I’m also a butter junkie… that’s right, I’m obsessed with butter. I love the taste, how it melts in my mouth, and how it smells. I also love bread, meaning that a new jar of butter along with Italian bread fresh out ofContinue reading “Butter Me Up”

Lovely Garden

Summer has its up and downs. The beautiful weather and the colorful nature is simply heartwarming. At the same time, a beautiful garden means extra work and care for our plants. I’ve been dying to have an expendable hose as long I can remember. I’ve been using a “typical” hose in my yard, but itContinue reading “Lovely Garden”