Simple Solutions

img_2788I have a HUGE purse, and when I say HUGE, I mean HUGE. The reasons for my purse overload are many, including the fact that there isn’t a worse feeling for me than to have a last minute occurrence and emergency while out of the house, and not being able to solve it. As a result, I carry everything I could potentially need throughout my day; from first aid solutions, to hair and makeup fixes, and even a few tools.

Along with my purse, I also carry a huge wallet, which can certainly feel overwhelmingly heavy from time to time. When it’s night time and it’s time to go out on my few adventures, I usually carry a small purse. As a result, I dig in my wallet for necessary keeps such as driver’s license, additional credit cards, and some cash. Due to the fact that I’ll be carrying a small purse, I just throw it all in there.

I’m a very organized person and I’m also a neat freak. When randomly throwing all these credit cards into a small purse I encounter a bunch of issues, including:

  1. I’m paranoid about losing my things.
  2. I’m usually down a few drinks.
  3. And most of the time, everything is pretty dark.

So at this point, I find myself extremely anxious, counting my credit cards and cash over and over to assure that everything is complete. There are many experiences that have lead me to this weird safety obsession, especially the experiences where my credit card information was stolen doing simple tasks such as reloading my train pass or buying a drink at a bar.

At this point I knew that I needed a (rational) solution and I needed my sanity. I started doing a mini research on potential slim wallets to store my credit cards when out and about; so I went ahead and purchased a slim bi-fold pocket wallet by Huskk. I’m aware that this is a male’s wallet, but I went ahead and gave it a shot anyways.

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Upon arrival, the first thing I noticed was its style. I liked that it has an interesting minimalistic design, and by “interesting” I mean that the simple design of this wallet makes it look modern and elegant in such a subtle way (it is designed in the U.K!). As I mentioned, this is marketed for males, but the niceness of the design could easily allow any woman (like myself) to use this wallet.

The wallet is actually very slim and smooth, but at the same time it is very sturdy and easy to carry. I like that it fits so comfortably on my hands, yet it is well organized and spacious enough to store at least (3) credit cards, (1) your ID, and extra cash.

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I’m particularly very excited about this wallet because it was exactly what I needed. I needed something with a modern look, slim, easy to carry, able to store my credit cards in an organized manner (I no longer have to throw them in my small purse when my wallet doesn’t fit in), and on top of all the features, it provides RFID protection!

Overall, I’m loving it, and I think you should check it out too!