Power Bank

img_2803I don’t know about you, but to me there is nothing more frightening than a dying iPhone, iPad, laptop, etc. when on the go.

As a result of these, I have gone through a multitude of nightmares, from not being able to request an Uber taxi at a time of urgency, to not being able to reschedule my Amtrak ticket on time.

I have tried a multitude of power banks promoting efficient and fast charge. Some work better than others, some are more promising than others, and overall they do their job. My issue with most of these power banks is how slow they can charge devices, how long it can take for them to retain their own power charge, or the fact that these can’t charge some of the most common or most used devices out there.

One power bank that has surpassed my expectations is Freewise. One of the things I truly like about this power bank is how portable it is. It measures 3 x 3 inches, meaning that I can fit it nearly anywhere (I would dare to say that you could easily carry it in your pockets). I also like that it has a very sleek design and a nice smooth suede surface (looks is always a plus!).


When it comes to its actual performance, features include:

  1. 10,000 mAh
  2. It has two USB ports, so you can actually charge two devices at the same time!
  3. As a result of the above, you can charge nearly any device that is UBS compatible.
  4. One of the things that truly impressed me about this device is its ability to charge bluetooth speakers. I own a bunch of these, so it is always great to know that I can keep these charged anywhere I go!
  5. It actually has a mini light that always comes in handy to see in case of full darkness or emergencies (this is always important!).
  6. Overall a very solid and powerful device!

img_2801This is easily one of my favorites, if not my favorite charging bank out of all the ones I have owned or purchased. I like that the manufacturers truly paid attention to details and  other common potential needs from buyers. The extra light, the power, and even its feasibility to charge bluetooth speakers are up to par with today’s technological demands. Overall, I rate this a 10 out of 10 – I highly recommend it.


As always, check it out!