Save my gadgets 

Let’s face it: technology has taken over the world. Thanks to our laptops and smartphones we have access to almost everything and anything – from bank statements, friends around the world, emails, calendars, reminders, health tracking (you know the whole deal).

As we interact with our gadgets the inevitable happens: the battery drains. And, if you’re not well prepared, or if you can’t find anywhere to plug in your gadget, you end up with a dead machine.

Machine draining isn’t our only gadget nightmare. How many times have your dropped your phone, tablet, or laptop, ending up with a broken screen? I recall the stories when I was back in college, with the most popular way of breaking one’s laptop being throwing our backpacks on the ground.

With all these mixed scenarios, I figured there must be some cool and efficient solution out there. And after plenty of research, I came across Ibagbar water resistant laptop backpack with a charging port, and I’ve officially caught up with the hype.

That’s right! You can now have access to a backpack that can charge your electronic gadgets. I’ve come across many products, some that I love more than others, and for the first time, I could easily grade Ibagbar a 10 out of 10.

Where do I start?

The design is great. I love that it has a minimalistic design, with a few curves and touches that makes it look elegant without losing touch. The material is very sturdy (it’s water resistant), yet it doesn’t look like a heavy duty travel backpack (which is always a plus). This backpack has a multitude of pockets (and when I say a multitude, I mean endless storage space), yet it is the perfect size (not too big, not too small). It has an USB charging cable on the inside, and a USB port on the outside, giving you a few options when it comes to your charging needs. The backpack is also very well padded, so I’m confident my gadgets will be well protected. 

I could easily recommend this backpack for a multitude of solutions:

  1. Commuters: very sturdy, comfortable, and with a lot of storage.
  2. For tech: the backpack is very well padded for protection, and the charging ports are magnificent (did I mention this backpack is washable!?)
  3. For kids: very spacious and sturdy enough to carry books. The charging ports are always a plus. If you have kids in your house, I’m sure you may recall a few times where they’ve forgotten to charge their phones before going to school, even after the 10000 reminders.

I’m very happy with my new acquisition, and I highly recommmend it for everyday solutions.

Check it out!

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