Keeping it fresh 

One of my greatest pet peeves is messy food storage. Most of the foods we buy come in some sort of plastic bag or container (chips, nuts, seeds, cereal, salad bags, cheese… you name it). And as we all know, when these are not perfectly sealed after use, you end up with food that spoils faster, becomes soft (or too hard), or even loses its flavor.

At first, to solve this problem, I bough plastic clip to seal these bags. The problem is that these sticks were inefficient for food items such as cheese packages. Apart from that, these didn’t seal out the air completely, or sometimes wasn’t strong enough to keep things sealed.

As I brainstormed potential solutions, I got a hold of Willi Smart portable bag sealer, and it has solved all my problems.

I like that this hot enough to bind the plastic bags without over-melting it. Instructions state that it can take nearly 45 minutes to one hour to charge, but surprisingly, mine charged in only 20 minutes. It has red and blue lighting to let you know of the status of the charge (blue indicates when the item is being charged and red indicates when the item is fully charged). It also has two sealing settings: seal and lock.

It’s overall a fantastic item and I’m very happy with how efficient it’s been to keep my fridge and cabinet organized.

Check it out!

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