Yoga for my feet

img_2240I’m very picky when it comes to my fitness and my workouts. No everything is fulfilling, and activities such as dancing make me feel like an octopus shaking its limps.

One of the activities that I have found much passion doing is hot yoga. For the ones that don’t know, hot yoga is pretty much doing yoga at a room temperature between 80-90 degrees Fahrenheit. The body effort and the hot temperatures make the workout feel pretty much like a cardio. Apart from it, due to its obvious yoga properties, it is an amazing relaxant, meaning that I get cardio and relaxation all in one.

The workout is effective in so many ways, but due to its intensity, I find myself sweating like crazy, meaning that many times my I end up stepping on my sweat, making my workout a slipping mess. In addition, some yoga positions put pressure on my soles (I have a very steep arc), so I definitely decided that I needed a solution.

The greatest solution I have come across is Aulexy yoga and Pilates grip socks. Not only did these save my life, but there are so many things I love about these pair of socks.

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For example, I like how multi-functional these are; not only are these great for yoga and Pilates, but also for dancing, Barre, bikram, and any other activities where your soles are exposed to constant pressure. I must confess that I also use these to walk around the house (on cold days) and they feel super comfortable.

During my yoga class, I liked that it provided an amazing grip. Not only was it great to prevent slipping, but the grip provided amazing support for my soles, allowing a more perfect movement and greater balance. The “grip area” of the socks are also very comfortable and doesn’t hurt on my soles (like other grip socks I have tried in the past).

Overall great buy and I’m super happy with it!