Save My Bed

If anyone can talk about bed mattresses, pillows, toppers, and sheets – that’s certainly me. My “bed-sy” journey started back when I was a freshman in college. As you may imagine, dorm bed mattresses are everything but comfortable, and if you don’t get a hold of a worthy bed topper, you’ll find yourself staved byContinue reading “Save My Bed”

Sleep Masks And Other Perks 

Sleep time is easily one of the most important periods during the 24-hour cycle. Thankfully, I don’t struggle much to fall asleep (unless stress takes the best of me). However, there is one condition that gets in the way of my routine (whether I’m asleep or awake) and that’s my Chronic Dry Eyes. If youContinue reading “Sleep Masks And Other Perks “

What’s Wrong With Us? A view on Self-Love

Today, I came across what seemed to be a very typical Instagram post: a girl’s prom picture with her boyfriend. As I scrolled through the pictures, I noticed one interesting fact- this picture wasn’t a typical prom picture; instead, it has gone viral because the girl in the picture is “fat.” Yes, you read thisContinue reading “What’s Wrong With Us? A view on Self-Love”