For mommy 

When we have pregnant ones at home, it is often that we focus on our new little member and their future needs.

It seems to me that when we focus on our new babies, we often bypass mommy and those little struggles she has for 9 ongoing months.

To spoil one of our future mommies, I got a hold of Queen Rose U Shaped Pregnancy pillow, and I seriously have no words to explain how happy she is.

I’m not pregnant, but I tried the pillow myself, so I will provide an overview of my perspective vs. mom’s perspective.

My perspective:

The pillow is super comfy! At first, I was afraid that I would sink in the hole in the middle, but the “legs” in between the pillow provide enough support so I don’t sink in. The pillow is actually super sturdy (providing great support), but at the same time it is super smooth and comforting. The superior part of the pillow actually provided great neck and back support (which are my biggest problem areas).

Mom’s perspective:

The pillow helped provide a great balance between her body and the weight of her belly when laying down. There was also great neck support and the smoothness of the pillow was superb. She has been dealing with sciatica issues for many years before her pregnancy, so the pillow allows her to position herself well enough to avoid sciatica discomfort and ache. She also appreciated that the cover of the pillow is removable, as this will allow her to wash it as often as needed.

The manufacturer also claims that the pillow is great for activities such as reading, watching tv, and even nursing. I personally can foresee how the pillow allows for great positioning for nursing.

We think this is a fantastic mommy aid and we definitely recommend you check it out!