Saving my trunk 

When you have a big family, pets, or lots of junk, a van is certainly a part of your daily commute. Since I carry everything and anything in my trunk, it tends to get messy and it starts looking old. I knew that I needed a solution (something other than buying an entirely new car) so I went on the search for the perfect cargo liner.

I got a hold of INNX quilted heavy duty cargo liner (I loved their Foam mattress, so I definitely had to try their other products) and it works fantastically amazing.

The liner is heavy, but super well made. Because it is also designed for pets, it is made of a durable and impermeable material. I liked that it was so amazingly easy to install- just place it and snap it close; it literary took me less than a minute to do! The best of all is that I was able to hide all the wear on my trunk, so my car now looks 10 times newer.

As always, don’t forget to check it out!