Save My Bed


If anyone can talk about bed mattresses, pillows, toppers, and sheets – that’s certainly me. My “bed-sy” journey started back when I was a freshman in college. As you may imagine, dorm bed mattresses are everything but comfortable, and if you don’t get a hold of a worthy bed topper, you’ll find yourself staved by multiple bed springs.

It might sound insane, but bed toppers shopping is not as easy as 1-2-3. I’ve encountered bed toppers that either:

  1. Are not thick enough to protect from springs or other potential bed issues.
  2. Are so soft that don’t provide enough back support.
  3. Are so hard that my body ache (and when you lay or seat on them, they flare up on the sides).
  4. Randomly get dirty with a copper like oxide material (I still have no idea what the heck it is, could it be humidity?)
  5. And did I mention that ALL OF THE ABOVE are pretty expensive?!

Thankfully, I’m no longer in college. However, I still come in conflict when choosing the right bed topper for my queen sized bed. I purchased my bed a couple of years ago, and recently, I noticed that it no longer provides the support and comfort needed for a well rested night (yes, I do have the occasional back and neck pain). In this case, replacing my bed is not an option (it as new and it’ll be a couple of $1,000’s); therefore, I knew that I would have to embark on a topper search all over.

Recently, I got a hold of INNX 2-inch memory foam mattress topper, and I can finally say that I found a topper that meets all my expectations.

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Beautiful air ventilation design- yep, picture taken by me 😀

The INNX foam bed topper comes with very precise instructions. When I first opened the package, the foam bed topper had a slight chemical smell. Instructions state that I have to lay it flat for 24 hours (without use). After the 24 hour period, the foam was plump and completely odorless. I’m 5’3 and very weak; therefore, I think the foam was on the heavy side (but it doesn’t bother me as I wanted something strong and with support). When I further read the specifications, I learned that you could use this as a travel camper bed, which isn’t only amazing, but also the reason why the design is on the heavier side.

Something that I loved about INNX is that the foam mattress fits my queen sized bed exactly edge-by edge, meaning that there was no “extra foam” remaining in corners, or a lack of thereof. Even though the foam is thick and provides great protection, I loved that I was able to fit my queen sized bed sheets perfectly (from previous experiences, some bed toppers don’t fit under a standard bed sheet, so the bed sheet keeps coming off from the corners). Another thing that I love abut INNX is that the bed topper’s cover is removable! That’s right – I’m finally able to keep it clean without ruining it.

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Bed 24 hour period lay-out process

Now, the most important part: How comfortable is it? The truth is that this is easily one of the most comfortable foam bed toppers that I have tried (and it is also on a great price point for the quality). After trying this on the first night, my bed was literary as comfortable as it was when I first purchased it. I like that it is soft enough to adapt to the shape of my body, but at the same time, sturdy enough for it not to lay flat. I’m the type of person that wakes up multiple times per night (easily 3-5 times), and after placing this bed topper, I’m finally able to sleep all night long; so I’m suspecting that the reason why I kept waking up so often was the discomfort of my bed.

INNX is certainly an amazing brand and I’m beyond happy with the quality of my foam bed topper.

Don’t forget to check them out!