Sleep Masks And Other Perks 

Sleep time is easily one of the most important periods during the 24-hour cycle. Thankfully, I don’t struggle much to fall asleep (unless stress takes the best of me). However, there is one condition that gets in the way of my routine (whether I’m asleep or awake) and that’s my Chronic Dry Eyes.

If you have been following my blog for some time, you may recall my many attempts to ease the pain and discomfort of this condition.

Interestingly, my eyes tend to get even worse in my sleep. When I wake up in the middle of the night, my eyes feel so uncomfortable and dry that my lids literary stick dry to my eyes. And once I’m finally able to open them, my lids make a weird noise every time I blink. I have tried many products such as gels, ointments, and drops especially targeted for night time, but nothing has worked.

After some research, I came across a very popular brand of sleeping goggles (they literary look like swimming goggles). I paid $40+ for them (total waste of money), and not only were they super uncomfortable, they also didn’t make any difference in sealing my eyes from environmental factors. Then, I decided to go to the very cheap end, and purchased a typical sleep mask. The problem with these is that they lay flat on my eyes, which compresses them and make my eyes even drier.

I then continued my search and came across Whalek Memory Foam Deep Molding Sleep Mask, Whalek Night Mask, and Whalek Day Mask, and I’m seriously beyond happy.

The thing that I love the most about these masks is that they are actually so amazingly comfortable around my head. The bands actually hold well on my head without being so tight that I can’t rest calmly. Out of the three masks, the softer is the Whalek Day Masks (it reminds me of a feather pillow). In my opinion, it makes sense for the Day Mask to be so soft, as you need all the support possible to aid sleep during the day time (which is always a struggle). Although the softness is amazing, my favorite masks are the Whalek Memory Foam and the Whalek Night Mask. What I love about these mask is the fact that the have a 3D shape all around them (BINGO). That means that the masks do an amazing job at sealing my eyes from the environmental factors that dry my eyes during sleep, while at the same time blocking light out completely (without touching my eyes), which was a major discomfort factor. Out of these two masks, the Whalek Memory Foam mask is more steep than the Whalek Night Time Mask; so if your issue is Chronic Dry Eyes, the Memory Foam mask is the one to choose!

Such an amazing brand, don’t miss out!