What’s Wrong With Us? A view on Self-Love

Today, I came across what seemed to be a very typical Instagram post: a girl’s prom picture with her boyfriend.

As I scrolled through the pictures, I noticed one interesting fact- this picture wasn’t a typical prom picture; instead, it has gone viral because the girl in the picture is “fat.”

Yes, you read this right, this simple prom picture is controversial because of the girl’s weight. I scrolled comment after comment, and noticed people mentioning things such as “why are we lying to her, she’s ugly,” “this girl will die of a heart attack and blood clogs,” and “she is nasty… fucking huge.”

As I continued reading through these comments, I couldn’t help but wonder, “what is wrong with us?”

Who the hell are we to tell people that they’re ugly, fat, skinny, too light, too tanned, too bleached, too bushy?

Who gave us the right to go around trying to tell people what to do with their own lives and bodies? 

And when we do, what do we earn?

Why can’t we see human beings and accept them for their value as living humans, rather than what they look like?

I understand and I agree that there are instances where people need our support and help (for example, an obese individual who asks for our help, courage, and support to reach their physical or health goal).

But there is a fine line between being supportive (promoting conscience, health, and wellbeing) vs. being destructive.

The most interesting fact about the  comments on this particular prom picture is that at least 80% of these negative comments were from private Instagram accounts with fake user pictures. This pattern truly shows that these people are  frustrated trolls looking to belittle people to enhance their own low self-worth.

A similar instance happened two days ago: a woman gave birth and lost all her weight. She had loose skin, and instead of congratulating her and being supportive of her hard work to lose all this weight, people decided to comment on how “nasty” she looked.

Here we go again, it seems that no matter what we look like and what we represent, it will always be a problem for someone else. So if you’re over weight, “you are unappealing and you will die.” But, if you lose the weight, you are, “nasty because of the loose skin.”

If we take the time to address celebrities, the same happens. You may say “these are celebrities, this doesn’t apply.” But actually, you’re partially wrong as celebrities are still human beings. Let’s take Kylie Jenner for example, she’s made fun of because of her multiple plastic surgeries, including her lips, butt, and beast enhancement. But prior to the surgery, she was still a failure because of the “kiddie features” and less voluptuous figure.

My final verdict: 

No matter what we do, what we choose, who we date, where we live, what we work on, our clothing style, our religious views, our goals, our dreams, our friendships, our relationships… NOTHING MATTERS. It doesn’t matter because THERE IS PEOPLE THAT WILL ALWAYS DISAPPROVE OF YOU AND WHAT YOU LOVE.

Growing up, especially during my teenage years, I always thought that reaching a specific physical and social goal would make me ultimately perfect for society. But it doesn’t matter how much we aim to achieve the status quo, there will always be people who will disaprove of you.

Why? The reasons could be indefinite, including a combination of cultures, society, political views, religious views, experiences, gender, frustrations, diseases, and even psychological estability (and inestability, of course).

As a reminder, as harsh it may sound, one day you will die, and with your death you will take your dreams, goals, satisfactions, and accomplishments.

Now, it is up to you: you could live a life seeking to fulfill a sick society that will not accept you as who you are and what you represent. Or, you could live everyday seeking to fulfill the expectations, admiration, and acceptance of the most important person in your world- YOU.