For mommy 

When we have pregnant ones at home, it is often that we focus on our new little member and their future needs. It seems to me that when we focus on our new babies, we often bypass mommy and those little struggles she has for 9 ongoing months. To spoil one of our future mommies,Continue reading “For mommy “

My masseur at home

Graduate school wasn’t long ago. The #1 thing I’ve spent all these years doing was sit in front of a computer… I’m talking about 12 hours at a time. In between writing, studying, and working, a computer can easily become a major part of your life. Along with the torturous hours on a computer comesContinue reading “My masseur at home”

A piece of himalaya with me 

Home decor is one of my favorite things. I pay special attention to every area of my home, with my bedroom being my favorite one (yes I love sleep!). There is nothing more relaxing than a subtle and tender light, especially when trying to fall asleep. I also love everything natural: from rocks, to salts,Continue reading “A piece of himalaya with me “

Weighting my food 

Yes I’m guilty: I have tried every crash diet out there; from the most obnoxiously unhealthy ones, to others more reliable. As the years passed by, I have learned that it doesn’t matter how much your starve yourself, take pills, or overwork your body: you won’t have a healthy body and weight unless you doContinue reading “Weighting my food “

The new baby

As crazy it sounds every time I think about it: our finally is growing. We are expecting three newborns this years, and along with the preparations, we seek to provide the new moms in our family with the most useful and safe tools. One of my favorite things to give to moms are baby washcloths.Continue reading “The new baby”

The Sound of a workout 

We all know the importance of an active workout for a healthy body and mind. We also know how much of a dread a workout can be, especially when you prefer to spend your afternoons sipping wine. One of my biggest struggles while working out is finding some sort of entertainment to make my workoutContinue reading “The Sound of a workout “

Those brows though 

I have very interesting triangular shaped eyebrows that only I can understand. I have tried a variety of methods to shape them, and after trying it all, I only swear by the power of the tweezer. There are many things that I like about tweezers, including that I’m able to strategically pull out the rightContinue reading “Those brows though “

Perfect For him

  Father’s Day is not too far a away. When the time comes, one of my greatest challenges is finding a unique present for my father. Thankfully, I’m able to say that my father has EVERYTHING; however, this can be a little bit of a nightmare when I’m trying to find something worthy (or useful)Continue reading “Perfect For him”

It is hidden in the water

If you have been following my blog for a while, by now you probably know my obsession with hair growth. I’ve invested hundreds of dollars on quality hair products, such as protein treatments, masks, keratin infusions, heat protectants, hydrating oils, and damage free shampoos. Many of us spend dollar after dollar seeking an effective hairContinue reading “It is hidden in the water”

Saving my trunk 

When you have a big family, pets, or lots of junk, a van is certainly a part of your daily commute. Since I carry everything and anything in my trunk, it tends to get messy and it starts looking old. I knew that I needed a solution (something other than buying an entirely new car)Continue reading “Saving my trunk “