Sweet Tooth

There are many particular characteristics that define me, one of them being my incredibly huge sweet tooth.

I LOVE cheesecake, I LOVE ice cream, I LOVE cookies, and most importantly I LOVE CHOCOLATE.

Yes I love chocolate, but that doesn’t mean I going to eat any random fake chocolate from the dollar store.

On day’s like today (rainy, cold, and boring) I can’t help but doing two things:

1-Wrapping myself with blankets.

2-Eating sweets on my bed.

Today, I have discovered another obsession to add to the list:

Bouchard Belgian Chocolatier Cheesecake Bites.

These are so sweet, and the fun size is literary so fun to eat, that I just ate an entire box (close to 1,000 calories: I’m so guilty!!!!).

My chocolate box had three flavors: dulce de leche, strawberry, and chocolate fudge. My favorite flavor was strawberry as it reminded me of cheesecake!

Which one would you try?