My Crazy Hair

Hair lengths could easily be a top priority for most women out there. For me, hair defines my facial features and my style.

You may recall my obsession to keep long and healthy hair; especially after that horror story of my stylist almost making me bald.

Thankfully, I’ve been able to find a bunch of healthy solutions for the growth of my hair, one of them being scalp massages.

I won’t lie, I don’t massage my scalp every single day. But on the weeks I devote myself entirely to scalp massages, I do notice a increase in hair growth. For example, on the months I massage my hair the most, my hair grows an additional half an inch, which is definitely a significant improvement.

Some of my favorite oils to massage my scalp is argan oil, as it constribute to my hair hydration (I have very dry skin and scalp) and ease of frizz.

Another product that has worked wonders is my BMK Bluemickey silicone vibrating hair comb.

This comb is battery operated and very easy to handle due to its sideways holder. The vibration is strong enough to ease blood flow (which promotes better vitamin retention on scalp), but not so strong that it damages my hair (yes, it is important to mind the pressure of the massages as being overly abrasive can damage your hair follicles).

Something that I love about my BMK massage is that it is made of smooth silicone, so my hair doesn’t get caught in between the bristles. Another thing I love is that the silicone is made of an antibacterial material, which is a must considering that you’ll be messing around with scalp dirt and natural oils.

Do your lengths a favor and check it out!