The Journey Continues

img_1519As some of you may have recalled, I recently came across Geneva Naturals and felt completely in love with their Advanced Vitamin C Serum as it has made significant changes to the dryness and sensitivity of my skin. After the results, I knew I needed more, so I recently got a hold of their Anti-Aging Cellular Face Oil.

I have always been against anti-aging products, especially while in my mid 20’s. But after I started using their products, I noticed decreased sensitivity and fine lines… so after so long of avoiding it, I cannot stress the importance of caring for your skin PRIOR to the wrinkles. As most beauty gurus claim: it’s never too early to care for your skin!

I have been using Geneva’s Advanced Vitamin C Serum before going to sleep, and recently implemented their Anti-Aging Cellular Face Oil to my morning routine. I simply wash my face, pad dry, and apply this oil. I let the oil settle, and then proceed to do my makeup as usual. One thing I love from this routine is that my makeup (ex. concealer) I settle much better and natural to my skin. Before using this oil, my concealer would crease to my fine lines and my makeup would end up looking cakey and old. After I stated using this serum, my concealer lays nicely and smooth.

As with their serum, this oil is paraben-free, sulfate-free, and phthalate-free, and have natural ingredients such as raspberry seed oil, cranberry seed oil, and blueberry seed oil, which I love. Another aspect that I love about this serum is that it is odorless! Which is amazing considering that I have very sensitive skin.

If you have been struggling with sensitive skin, dryness, and fine lines, I highly recommend this product! I’m so happy with the results and how improved my skin has been without the need to visit my dermatologist.

Don’t forget to check it out!

Anti-Aging Cellular Face Oil

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