Healthy Lengths

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The bottle is about 35% empty, but I hope you’re still able to appreciate the image.

I’m obsessed with my hair – this is no secret. And if you have been following my blog since its beginnings, you may recall the story about a time when a stylist ruined my hair to the point it broke off (I ended up with two inches of hair on my head). After this (greatly) traumatic experience I resourced to two behaviors:

1- NO ONE is touching my hair except for me.

2- I’m spending all the money I have to spend to make my hair grow full, long and healthy. That means that I’m not using random junk on my hair.

After years of quality hair treatments and high intake of biotin, I have accomplished hair past my shoulder. However, there’s one thing I struggle with: hair dryness.

See, hair dryness can be your worse enemy when it comes to hair growth, as the dryness leads to weakened hair and breakage, which defies the whole purpose.

I dye my hair, and I always use styling tools (sorry, I’m not quitting either or). As a result, I’ve resourced to a product that:

1- Isn’t junk.

2- Isn’t made with harmful crap.

3- Doesn’t stink on my hair.

4- Doesn’t make my my hair oily-gross.

After my prolonged research, I came across Bloom Beautiful Hair Health and Growth Serum, and it has been everything I’ve wished for. This serum is 100% organic, meaning that there is no added junk to the product. The serum is made with Argan Oil, Castor Oil, Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil and other natural vitamins, which I love! The smell is very subtle (it reminds me of very faded olive oil), and once I apply to the palm of my hand, the odor fades.

I have used this as a massage oil, as a hot oil treatment, and even as a styling oil, and it works wonders! My hair is noticeably more hydrated (so I have been getting less split ends) and it actually stays styled longer (so I’ve been washing my hair less often). If you decide to use this as a styling product, 1-3 drops has worked wonders to hydrate my hair without making it look weighted down. Apart from its moisturizing properties, the serum has been proven to:

  • Promote hair strength, growth, and thickness.
  • Promote increased shine.
  • Promote easier detangling and less frizz.

This is one of my very few hair products at a low price point that I think is amazing: I’m simply hooked! I highly recommend their product and I guarantee you have nothing to lose as the product is 100% organic!

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