My Burger Nightmare

img_1360We all know the importance of maintaining a healthy diet. I may not be a vegan goddess; however, I’m mindful of the things I eat. I dissed cow milk for organic soy milk, I prefer to have a protein smoothie than to eat pancakes for breakfast, and I resource to stevia to sweeten my drinks.

Seeking to maintain a healthy lifestyle can be draining, especially when foods such as ice cream and pizza are naturally appetizing.

Once in a while, I indulge in a not-so-healthy food choices (I love burgers, I can’t help it) and when a group of friends advised that it would be a great idea to take a diet-break to indulge in a Burger King meal, I couldn’t help but be blinded by the idea.

When we arrived to the location, I opted to order a whopper, which seemed to be one of the top options on the menu. When my burger was finally ready, I gave it a few bites, and while eating, I recalled a nutritionist on T.V stating that you can save close to 100 calories by tossing the top part of your bread (whether eating a sandwich or a burger). I decided to apply this concept, and when removing the top part of my bread, I came across a very strange looking burger meat.

I seriously don’t know where to start. When I saw the appearance of my meat, I couldn’t help but grow so disgusted that I almost puked. It looked weird, pale, and it had a bunch of bumps all around it. I decided to touch the weird-looking bumps, and noticed that these were hard, while some seemed to have exploited. These bumps reminded me of craters or a reaction to poison ivy. I tried to go over this on my mind a few times, as I wanted to tell myself that this was normal or that I was exaggerating. But after giving this some thought, there was simply no way on earth to convince myself that this meat is acceptable and eatable.

In case your memory fails, this is what a real beef burger (on its worst day) should look like:

A patty made out of ground beef: not some alien infection looking thing

See, a real burger is supposed to look like the compilation of ground beef into a single patty, not some sort extraterrestrial bacteria spread. Astonished by my “weird burger,” I proceeded to do some online research using the search word “nasty Burger King” and came across a multitude of people wondering what the hell was this nasty stuff was, but no one seemed to be able to explain it (not even a former McDonald’s employee). Furthermore, we all know the reputation of most fast food restaurants, with burgers that last weeks without getting rotten.

Verdict: I’m kissing fast food burgers goodbye, and for good. After this experience, I came up with my own burger rule- if I can’t customize my burger’s cooking style (ex. asking for a medium or well done meat) then the meat is not real or healthy, and therefore, I’m not eating it.