I Did an iOS Update Experiment, and This is What Happened…

img_1724I purchased my first iPhone after the release of the iPhone 4, and ever since, I’ve been hooked.

There are many things that I love about the iPhone, including the nature of the iOS operative system, the feasibility of iOS apps such as Facetime and iMessage, and the diversity of the available apps.

After multiple years of purchasing the latest iPhone, I started noticing one thing: After a new generation iPhone came out, it seemed like my current iPhone started slowing down, or dealing with other bugs/performance issues.

You may think, “of course, each newer generation will be faster than the older one; therefore, your current iPhone will seem slow.”

At this point, my argument is, how can my iPhone get slow (or seem slow to me) if I haven’t even tried, played with, or experienced the newer iPhone generation?

I currently own two iPhone 6S. One of these iPhones is my personal phone, while the second one is for work purposes. After I learned about the “no headphone jack” fiasco from the iPhone 7 (I could literary go on a rant), I decided that I simply won’t purchase the newer iPhone 7.

I have a Master of Science degree. As a practitioner, I approach many things in an experimental basis. Therefore, I engaged in a mini experiment to differentiate the performance factors between an iPhone 6s with the latest iOS update (iOS 10.3.1) vs. an iPhone 6s without the latest software update (iOS 9.3.5).

For this experiment, I came up with three hypotheses:

Hypothesis 1: both of my iPhones 6s will perform at simultaneous speed or performance regardless of their iOS updates.

Hypothesis 2: The iPhone 6s with the iOS 9.3.5 update will perform slower than the iPhone 6s with the iOS 10.3.1 update.

Hypothesis 3: The iPhone 6s with the iOS 9.3.5 update will perform faster than the iPhone 6s with the iOS 10.3.1 update.

Additionally, I will refer to my personal iPhone 6s as “iPhone A” and my work iPhone 6s as “iPhone B.”

My experiment consisted of upgrading to all iOS software updates for iPhone A, while ignoring all software updates for iPhone B (I started doing this experiment right after the release of the iPhone 7).

After doing this for close to 8 months, these have been my final observations:

iPhone A: After the release of the iPhone 7, I updated my iPhone 6s to iOS 10. After my update, what I first noticed was that all my iMessages were freezing. I had to close down the app and then reload it for it to start working again. I also noticed that my Instagram and Twitter apps were freezing half way through my feed. At that point, my emails would also freeze, so I had to reload the email app and start writing messages all over again. After a while, my entire iPhone started freezing up (I couldn’t swipe left or right), so I had to constantly restore it. At this point, I was under the assumption that this could be related to some sort of fixable bug on iOS 10 (as it was recent release). As a result, I decided to reset my iPhone back to iOS 9.3.5 (which was possible to do for a limited time). After resetting my iPhone back to iOS 9.3.5, all these bugs were gone! My iPhone was back to normal and it was running smoothly (and faster). Time after that, I noticed that there was a new iOS 10 update (I think it was iOS 10.1.1), claiming better performance from the previous iOS 10 update. At this point, Apple was no longer supporting iOS 9.3.5, so I knew that if I decided to upgrade to iOS 10.1.1, I would have no way to reset it back. For the sake of the experiment, I upgraded to iOS 10.1.1, and ever since, my iPhone has been even worse. At that point, my iPhone doesn’t only freeze up when messaging people, I have noticed that it is significantly slower, it takes longer to load apps, when I turn it on/off the screen changes to half white and half green, and the strangest of all: my iPhone has a vibrating flick that vibrates repeatedly throughout the day. This flick sounds as is the vibrating motor got stuck on repeat, and then it followed by a notification sound; but when I check my iPhone, there is no notification of any sort. I have continued updating my iPhone’s iOS every time there is a new release; and even so, it is continuously slower and with more issues. Today, iPhone A is currently running under iOS 10.3.1, and it isn’t any better.

iPhone B: This iPhone 6s is working flawlessly. I haven’t experienced any issues in terms of messages freezing up, iPhone freezing up, or its performance slowing down. In fact, although it is operating under iOS 9.3.5, it performs faster than the iPhone 6s operating under iOS 10.3.1. With this iPhone, I get notifications 1-2 times a day, everyday requesting to update to the latest iOS software. I also noticed that my apps require updates more often than the apps on my other iPhone 6s running under iOS 10.3.1 (or iPhone A). On a final note, it has been claimed that if you don’t update your iOS, your apps will start underperfoming, but this has not been my experience with this mini experiment. On the contrary, this iPhone is performing as new!

Final verdict:

After my mini experiment, the iPhone 6s with the iOS 9.3.5 update performed faster and with no bugs, compared to the iPhone 6s with the iOS 10.3.1 software; Therefore, Hypothesis 3 was supported.

I was at least hoping that both iPhones would perform simultaneously (considering that they were both iPhone 6s). However, I wasn’t surprised when the iPhone with the iOS 10.3.1 software performed the slowest and with many bugs.

At this point, I feel somewhat disappointed. I’m torn between an iPhone 6s with increasing performance issues and the fact that I don’t want to upgrade to an iPhone that doesn’t have an headphone jack (some of us don’t have time to be charging earphones all the time). However, I’m hoping that this year’s release of the iPhone 7s (or iPhone 8, per some rumors) will encourage me to become part of the upgrade mania.

Wonder Beauty

As you guys might have already figured out, I have been on the hunt for the best fine-line eraser/hair growth solution.
Apart from caring for my skin and buying the best products for my hair, it is also important to recall the importance to treat your body from the inside out. By this, I mean feeding your body with the right supplements and nutrients. I can personally attest that it doesn’t matter how much products you apply onto your skin or hair, if you don’t consume the right supplements or nutrients, your “external efforts” will go down the drain. At this point, remember that a good nutrition is an effective way to compliment your beauty products’ efforts.
One product/supplement that I know is simply fantastic at accomplishing great skin and hair is collagen. I attempted collagen for the first time about 9 months ago. I purchased this collagen product in pills form, and although it was potent, I simply couldn’t continue it because:

  1. I was required to have this on an empty stomach and then wait about an hour to have food (like who has time for that?).
  2. The supplement was so strong, that even after following directions, I used to get terrible stomachaches.
  3. The pills smelled and tasted horrible; and when I say horrible, I mean like “burned chicken feathers” kind of horrible. Of course, if you know a deal about collagen, the reality is that any good collagen product should have that “burned chicken smell;” however, I certainly couldn’t handle it.

After my mini collagen nightmare, I continued doing some research on collagen and some of its best products. So recently, I came across Premium Keto 100% Pure Hydrolyzed Collagen Protein Powder – and now, I can officially say that I’ve encountered my mate.
Premium Keto claims that this collagen protein powder is grass fed, paleo friendly, and is actually non GMO (which is always a plus). Apart from being a great product for hair, skin, and nails, Premium Keto has targeted its supplement to aid with a variety of conditions that are crucial for overall wellness, including:

  1. Metabolism
  2. Healthy lean tissue
  3. Leaky gut repair
  4. Detox
  5. Liver function
  6. Improved immune system
  7. And even helps you feel fuller longer!

When I first opened the bottle, (as you may imagine), the first thing I did was smell the powder. Not surprisingly, it still had that weird “burned chicken feather smell.” This was a positive aspect as this meant that this supplement is actually (in fact) real collagen. But even so, I was afraid that it would have the same sickening taste. The product did claim to be tasteless (but we all have tried products that claim to be tasteless but turn out to have some sort of disgusting chemical taste).

I have whey protein isolate for breakfast every morning. So when it was breakfast time, I added a scoop of this supplement to my smoothie. And thankfully, this product has been great. So below, I’ll outline some of the things that I loved the most.

  1. IT IS ACTUALLY TASTELESS. Yes! I can finally take collagen without that nasty taste.
  2. No indigestion for me! I tend to get pretty sick to my stomach when I take regular protein products (I can only consume whey isolate or vegan protein without getting sick). Since Premium Keto is natural and grass fed, I was afraid to experience bloating or other indigestion issues, but thankfully, I feel well.
  3. I’m slightly more full than when taking my protein smoothie alone (nothing major, but it still makes a difference).
  4. I still don’t have enough hair growth to claim that it has made a difference on my hair; however, I can attest that my nails are no longer peeling off (yep, before taking Premium Keto, my nails would peel in layers and then break, and no supplement in the market could help this condition).
  5. I developed some little hard bumps of dryness on my arms (I’ve been experiencing a lot of all-over dryness for the past couple of months) and after I started taking Premium Keto, these bumps are definitely clearer.

I’m still consuming this product, so I’m assuming that through time I will start seeing better and greater results. As we know, all bodies react differently to different supplements, so in your case, you might start seeing other great benefits faster than I did.

I would definitely recommend this product, and as always, don’t forget to check it out!


Sweet Tooth

There are many particular characteristics that define me, one of them being my incredibly huge sweet tooth.

I LOVE cheesecake, I LOVE ice cream, I LOVE cookies, and most importantly I LOVE CHOCOLATE.

Yes I love chocolate, but that doesn’t mean I going to eat any random fake chocolate from the dollar store.

On day’s like today (rainy, cold, and boring) I can’t help but doing two things:

1-Wrapping myself with blankets.

2-Eating sweets on my bed.

Today, I have discovered another obsession to add to the list:

Bouchard Belgian Chocolatier Cheesecake Bites.

These are so sweet, and the fun size is literary so fun to eat, that I just ate an entire box (close to 1,000 calories: I’m so guilty!!!!).

My chocolate box had three flavors: dulce de leche, strawberry, and chocolate fudge. My favorite flavor was strawberry as it reminded me of cheesecake!

Which one would you try?


Wonder Lights 


I’m obsessed with a few things, one of them being lights.

Lights bring a sense of joy and peace into my life; that is why my electricity bill is one of my highest monthly expenses!

I sleep with Christmas lights in my room, and recently I came across this led disco ball by Spriak, which I simply love.

One of my favorite things about it is that I can actually change the lights’ settings. This means that I have light combination options such as:

  • Blue and green
  • Red and blue green
  • Red green and red blue
  • Red and blue switching effect
  • Or all the colors together!

Another thing that I love about these lights is that I can actually set it up to play to the rhythm of my music!
It also brings a very convenient and easy to use remote control, which is great if I ever fall asleep with the lights on (I don’t have to leave the bed to turn it off!).
Don’t forget to check it out!



Why I’m Not Happy With My Dell Laptop

I have been a loyal HP customer since the moment I owned my first laptop. There were many things that I loved about HP, including the great design and the potency of its laptops. Many years has passed since my first HP laptop, and it seemed to me that HP was gradually growing expensive, but its laptops weren’t getting any better. 

Half way through graduate school, I started consulting part-time. And on top of all the stress and responsibilities, my visiting siblings cracked my HP laptop’s screen. The repair process was a nightmare, so I decided to explore other alternatives by embarking into a new laptop search.
As I structured my needs for a laptop, I knew that my ideal laptop had to possess the following characteristics:

1- Lightweight and easy to carry.

2- Physically “good looking” or physically representative of my work environment (I don’t think a junk looking laptop instills a positive image to clients).

3- Window’s operative system.

4- At least 4GB of memory.

5- At least 500GB of hard drive.

6- Durable casing.

7- No over heating.

8- Windows 8 operative system (I can’t stand Windows 10 for my life).

9- Price tag below $800.

As you’re able to see, my requirements are pretty basic: I just needed a functional laptop that wouldn’t lag.
Surprisingly, after doing my research, I didn’t come across many options to fulfill my laptop requirements. So without much contemplation, my final two options were HP XPS 13 and Dell Inspiron 13 7000 series. One of my family members is a computer system engineer and she swears by Dell laptops, so without much thought, I decided to purchase the Dell laptop. 

When I first received my Dell laptop I was more than static! The design looked sleek and modern, the weight was phenomenally light (compared to my previous laptop) and the touch screen feature was captivating. But after less than five months of use, my laptop started acting up, and I had no idea what to do.

One of the first performance issues I noticed was that the laptop was lagging easily. And when I say easily, I mean working with four Word Documents and SPSS simultaneously.

Few weeks after that, I tried saving a Word Document on my desktop folder; but suddenly, a random notification popped stating that my laptop’s desktop didn’t exist, so I was unable to save my document. Shocked by this, I decided to check my laptop’s desktop section/folder, and to my surprise, all my documents were gone. Right after, I performed a computer search, but it was unable to find any of my documents- they were gone! At that moment, my computer froze, and I was afraid that turning it off would mess everything up, so I let it on for hours, hoping that soon enough it would unfreeze and my documents would come back, but it didn’t happen. After having no other choice, I decided to restart my laptop, and thankfully, documents showed up. 

I’m not a heavy computer user- I don’t search for entertainment content, games, download music, etc. All I do is perform statistical analyses, read a few professional books (available online, no download needed), and work with Microsoft Office; I also have a full paid anti-virus subscription, so my laptop is well protected, so I was confused to why my laptop was “overreacting.”

Time after that, the laptop started with a new issue. This time, it was unable to recognize my Wi-Fi information, stating that there are no networks available (even though I’m working right next to the router). After a while, the Wi-Fi button grayed out, meaning that I can’t turn it on or off, and this won’t get fixed unless I restart the laptop. I went on Dell’s official website to run a Dell Diagnostic, and it claims that the laptop is in optimal performance.  

At this point, my computer freezes a lot, my documents get lost, sometimes it makes weird noises (as if the speaker cracked), and it won’t recognize any wifi networks (the button is grayed out).

As if this wasn’t enough to affect both my academic and work performance, soon after, I started noticing that my laptop’s outer material was staining. It has some dirty dull hue stain that doesn’t go away with anything. This stain is present around the laptop’s fan, casing, bottom border of the front, back, underneath, armrest. I have NEVER EVER had this happen with any of the laptops I owned, so I decided to do some online search for possible causes. If you search “Dell Inspiron 13 7000 series staining” you will find a multitude of people complaining about the same thing. Some people claim that after contacting Dell, the company claims that it is “sweat” or “body oils” and that the warranty only covers hardware problems. Let me tell you something – I definitely don’t sweat on my laptop, or have any possible way to stain the underneath of the laptop with “body oil” as the laptop is on a table all day! 

After my desperation, I reached out to Dell support, and we went back and forth for a couple of days with no solution. They made me download a bunch of updates and other “softwares” to fix these problems, but nothing was able to fix it. When I made a claim about the laptop fading, they claimed that their warranty didn’t cover it. 

For the price of the laptop, I was beyond disappointed with the performance, the lack of help, and the random color fading/staining. As cliche it may sound, it literary felt as if I threw my money down the drain. 

Final verdict: If I were to start my laptop search all over, I would definitely stay away from this laptop. 

My Crazy Hair

Hair lengths could easily be a top priority for most women out there. For me, hair defines my facial features and my style.

You may recall my obsession to keep long and healthy hair; especially after that horror story of my stylist almost making me bald.

Thankfully, I’ve been able to find a bunch of healthy solutions for the growth of my hair, one of them being scalp massages.

I won’t lie, I don’t massage my scalp every single day. But on the weeks I devote myself entirely to scalp massages, I do notice a increase in hair growth. For example, on the months I massage my hair the most, my hair grows an additional half an inch, which is definitely a significant improvement.

Some of my favorite oils to massage my scalp is argan oil, as it constribute to my hair hydration (I have very dry skin and scalp) and ease of frizz.

Another product that has worked wonders is my BMK Bluemickey silicone vibrating hair comb.

This comb is battery operated and very easy to handle due to its sideways holder. The vibration is strong enough to ease blood flow (which promotes better vitamin retention on scalp), but not so strong that it damages my hair (yes, it is important to mind the pressure of the massages as being overly abrasive can damage your hair follicles).

Something that I love about my BMK massage is that it is made of smooth silicone, so my hair doesn’t get caught in between the bristles. Another thing I love is that the silicone is made of an antibacterial material, which is a must considering that you’ll be messing around with scalp dirt and natural oils.

Do your lengths a favor and check it out!


The Journey Continues

img_1519As some of you may have recalled, I recently came across Geneva Naturals and felt completely in love with their Advanced Vitamin C Serum as it has made significant changes to the dryness and sensitivity of my skin. After the results, I knew I needed more, so I recently got a hold of their Anti-Aging Cellular Face Oil.

I have always been against anti-aging products, especially while in my mid 20’s. But after I started using their products, I noticed decreased sensitivity and fine lines… so after so long of avoiding it, I cannot stress the importance of caring for your skin PRIOR to the wrinkles. As most beauty gurus claim: it’s never too early to care for your skin!

I have been using Geneva’s Advanced Vitamin C Serum before going to sleep, and recently implemented their Anti-Aging Cellular Face Oil to my morning routine. I simply wash my face, pad dry, and apply this oil. I let the oil settle, and then proceed to do my makeup as usual. One thing I love from this routine is that my makeup (ex. concealer) I settle much better and natural to my skin. Before using this oil, my concealer would crease to my fine lines and my makeup would end up looking cakey and old. After I stated using this serum, my concealer lays nicely and smooth.

As with their serum, this oil is paraben-free, sulfate-free, and phthalate-free, and have natural ingredients such as raspberry seed oil, cranberry seed oil, and blueberry seed oil, which I love. Another aspect that I love about this serum is that it is odorless! Which is amazing considering that I have very sensitive skin.

If you have been struggling with sensitive skin, dryness, and fine lines, I highly recommend this product! I’m so happy with the results and how improved my skin has been without the need to visit my dermatologist.

Don’t forget to check it out!

Anti-Aging Cellular Face Oil

Healthy Lengths

Processed with MOLDIV

The bottle is about 35% empty, but I hope you’re still able to appreciate the image.

I’m obsessed with my hair – this is no secret. And if you have been following my blog since its beginnings, you may recall the story about a time when a stylist ruined my hair to the point it broke off (I ended up with two inches of hair on my head). After this (greatly) traumatic experience I resourced to two behaviors:

1- NO ONE is touching my hair except for me.

2- I’m spending all the money I have to spend to make my hair grow full, long and healthy. That means that I’m not using random junk on my hair.

After years of quality hair treatments and high intake of biotin, I have accomplished hair past my shoulder. However, there’s one thing I struggle with: hair dryness.

See, hair dryness can be your worse enemy when it comes to hair growth, as the dryness leads to weakened hair and breakage, which defies the whole purpose.

I dye my hair, and I always use styling tools (sorry, I’m not quitting either or). As a result, I’ve resourced to a product that:

1- Isn’t junk.

2- Isn’t made with harmful crap.

3- Doesn’t stink on my hair.

4- Doesn’t make my my hair oily-gross.

After my prolonged research, I came across Bloom Beautiful Hair Health and Growth Serum, and it has been everything I’ve wished for. This serum is 100% organic, meaning that there is no added junk to the product. The serum is made with Argan Oil, Castor Oil, Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil and other natural vitamins, which I love! The smell is very subtle (it reminds me of very faded olive oil), and once I apply to the palm of my hand, the odor fades.

I have used this as a massage oil, as a hot oil treatment, and even as a styling oil, and it works wonders! My hair is noticeably more hydrated (so I have been getting less split ends) and it actually stays styled longer (so I’ve been washing my hair less often). If you decide to use this as a styling product, 1-3 drops has worked wonders to hydrate my hair without making it look weighted down. Apart from its moisturizing properties, the serum has been proven to:

  • Promote hair strength, growth, and thickness.
  • Promote increased shine.
  • Promote easier detangling and less frizz.

This is one of my very few hair products at a low price point that I think is amazing: I’m simply hooked! I highly recommend their product and I guarantee you have nothing to lose as the product is 100% organic!

Don’t forget to check it out:



My Burger Nightmare

img_1360We all know the importance of maintaining a healthy diet. I may not be a vegan goddess; however, I’m mindful of the things I eat. I dissed cow milk for organic soy milk, I prefer to have a protein smoothie than to eat pancakes for breakfast, and I resource to stevia to sweeten my drinks.

Seeking to maintain a healthy lifestyle can be draining, especially when foods such as ice cream and pizza are naturally appetizing.

Once in a while, I indulge in a not-so-healthy food choices (I love burgers, I can’t help it) and when a group of friends advised that it would be a great idea to take a diet-break to indulge in a Burger King meal, I couldn’t help but be blinded by the idea.

When we arrived to the location, I opted to order a whopper, which seemed to be one of the top options on the menu. When my burger was finally ready, I gave it a few bites, and while eating, I recalled a nutritionist on T.V stating that you can save close to 100 calories by tossing the top part of your bread (whether eating a sandwich or a burger). I decided to apply this concept, and when removing the top part of my bread, I came across a very strange looking burger meat.

I seriously don’t know where to start. When I saw the appearance of my meat, I couldn’t help but grow so disgusted that I almost puked. It looked weird, pale, and it had a bunch of bumps all around it. I decided to touch the weird-looking bumps, and noticed that these were hard, while some seemed to have exploited. These bumps reminded me of craters or a reaction to poison ivy. I tried to go over this on my mind a few times, as I wanted to tell myself that this was normal or that I was exaggerating. But after giving this some thought, there was simply no way on earth to convince myself that this meat is acceptable and eatable.

In case your memory fails, this is what a real beef burger (on its worst day) should look like:


A patty made out of ground beef: not some alien infection looking thing

See, a real burger is supposed to look like the compilation of ground beef into a single patty, not some sort extraterrestrial bacteria spread. Astonished by my “weird burger,” I proceeded to do some online research using the search word “nasty Burger King” and came across a multitude of people wondering what the hell was this nasty stuff was, but no one seemed to be able to explain it (not even a former McDonald’s employee). Furthermore, we all know the reputation of most fast food restaurants, with burgers that last weeks without getting rotten.

Verdict: I’m kissing fast food burgers goodbye, and for good. After this experience, I came up with my own burger rule- if I can’t customize my burger’s cooking style (ex. asking for a medium or well done meat) then the meat is not real or healthy, and therefore, I’m not eating it.