img_1464As you guys may have read on my recent post, it wasn’t long ago when I started experimenting with silicone beauty blenders. Some I hated more than others for a multitude of reasons. My number one problem was that these blenders seemed to rub all the makeup around, instead of doing a nice and smooth application; this was a disaster as my makeup ended up looking cakey. After these annoying results, I decided to use silicone beauty blenders only for contouring.

Soon enough, I came across a silicone beauty blender by Sillisponge, and since I had nothing to lose, I started using it on my makeup routine. Something that I did notice differently about this blender was that it was super soft (all previous beauty blenders were hard as rock). I was afraid that a softer texture would defy the purpose (be flimsy and useless), but it turns out that it has worked great for the product application. Apart from this, the plastic-like material around it is completely different from I have used before (it actually feels like silicone, instead of plastic). To my surprise, the application turned out to be super flawless. My concealer (for example) covered my fine lines instead of blending into it. Apart from this, the sponge does a good enough application to cover everything instead of making my makeup look cakey.

Final verdict: I’m in love with it! I can’t stress enough the importance of choosing the right silicone blender (as many stores are selling fake plastic material instead of real silicone).

Sillisponge as a limited time offer that I think you shouldn’t miss you!

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