Beauty Tornado

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Out of all the makeup application accessories in my bag, without doubt, my favorite piece is a beauty blender. I own a ton of these, and recently got a hold of a new set by Fairyland.

It may sound odd, but there are a bunch of things I like about a beauty blender. I love the feel and how squishy it is. I love how it eases the application of my makeup (especially concealer and contour) and I love the smoothness of my finish. I spent most of my life applying my concealer, eye shadows, and blending techniques with my fingers (terrible I know). So the incorporation of beauty blenders was like the discovery of a pot of gold.

After trying the simple life (A.K.A. fingers) and a multitude of beauty blender brands, I have come to appreciate what makes an effective beauty blender.

One of the things I love about this brand is the actual feel (or hardness of the blender). It has a stiff consistency, which allows fair retention of product, without getting too messy or absorbing much of it. I’ve owned blenders that were too soft for a consistent smoothness, or too hard to even absorb the right amount of product, which is just annoying to deal with.

I also like that the “pores” of the blender are of medium consistency. By this, I mean the tiny little holes that it supposed to absorb the product (whether it is concealer or foundation). This is important for me because I like a blender that can retain enough product without having to reapply, but at the same time not so much that you feel that you’re wasting product. A sponge of this texture is what allows the “smooth finish” on the makeup application as the product already inside the tiny “pores” serve as a base for the reapplication.

Along with these three fantastic beauty blenders, the set brought the popularly acclaimed silicone beauty blenders. I heard the buzz so many times, and even though I wasn’t caught, I really wanted to try it and judge it for myself. So yes, this is my first time trying the silicone beauty blender.

I love how smooth it feels, it is so squishy that I literary take the time to play with it. I have exerted to pressure into it, and it held it so well that it still looks as new. I love the concept of an easy application without absorbing the product. I think this works great when trying to apply minimal product. I also love that it is easy to use, and that I don’t have to apply any soaps to clean it up (actually, a makeup remover wipe works just great!).

When it comes to my own personal routine, I like the sponge beauty blenders for my concealer and the silicone blender for my contour. I rather use the sponge blender for concealer because I think that adsorption of some makeup aids for a smooth finish. I like the silicone blender for contouring because it actually blends and spreads the makeup, without absorbing it, which is crucial for a natural contour.

My final verdict: both types of sponges are crucial for an effective makeup routine. In the end, I think that both shapes and textures aid some processes better than other.

Don’t forget to check them out and get them all at once!