Please Find Her

img_1286Today I will get a little personal by sharing some experiences on safety. I have three younger siblings and elderly grandparents; therefore, I have have experienced all sorts of safety scares.

Children can very hyper and sometimes uncontrollable (there’s no doubt about that). When one of my younger sisters was 3 years old, we decided to spend a Sunday afternoon at the mall. My sister kept jumping around and wanting to see everything, so I remember our efforts to keep her in the safe-zone. Few minutes after that, (and literary in the middle of nowhere) my sister was gone, and she was nowhere to be found. Our family and friends separated into groups and we went on a search for her. Few minutes passed and there was no sign of her. Soon enough, my parents got a hold of management, and after joining efforts,  we (thankfully) found her in a children’s clothing store. Although I was 13 years old, I remember this episode vividly; I can’t help but recalling how hopeless I felt imagining that I would never see my little sister again.

Five years after that, the same scenario occurred, but with my elderly grandmother and my second younger sister. I don’t feel the greatest speaking about my grandmother’s condition, as it is complicated, but I can share that she was been struggling with dementia for the past 18 years. The symptoms are many, but I recall that during her early stages, she was very irritable and aggressive. She constantly got into arguments with people, and even tried getting physical with others. One day, I was home alone with her and my other younger sister (she was about 5). My grandmother got very aggressive and told me she wanted to checkout the new store down the street. When I insisted to go with her, she claimed that she didn’t need me and that she was young enough to care for herself (note, she was about 82 years old at the time). She took my sister with her as she claimed that no one could stop her from going out with her granddaughter. She also promised that she would be back soon enough. After she left, few minutes passed, so I decided to go after her. But when I did, she was nowhere to be found. At that moment, I had all sorts of thoughts go through my mind: I felt frightened, I was scared, and I was deeply hurt for my sister and her safety. Soon enough, everyone was in the lookout for her, and thankfully, they were found safe.

These are very frightening instances, yet I’m thankful to say that the end results were positive. Sadly, this can’t be said in all cases, as many people live with the burden of a lost family member. These experiences impacted me in many ways, especially as I felt the vulnerability of not having control over these situations. Today, my sisters are teenagers,  and I still worry for their safety. I started doing some research, and came across Circo’s Smart Tracking Device, so I didn’t hesitate to request it.

I love how complete this device is. It is actually small and very lightweight, meaning that you can place it nearly anywhere. The device needs data to work, so I was able to easily find a compatible sim card for less than $2; as long you have an Apple or Google Android devices, you should be able to make it work!

I like that the device keeps track of the most visited places, so it marks them as safe zones. Once your family member leaves these zones, you get an immediate notification. Circo works in combination of multiple systems, including GPS, AGPS, WiFi, and Cell ID to allow you to keep track of both indoor and outdoor locations. The device also has an emergency button, which enables your loved one to notify you of any emergencies.

I simply wish that our family owned this device back during those instances. I can genuinely say that there’s nothing like the peace of mind when it comes to the safety of loved ones.

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