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I’m the queen of nail filers. Square shaped nails are my go-to style, and due to my fragile nails and overactive lifestyle, I find myself with broken edges almost every day. As a result, I carry a nail filer everywhere; I have one in every room at my home, my purse, and even at work – you name it. Nail filers are certainly a life saver, but I also find myself with some struggles, including peeling nails (it damages the layers of my nails), rough edges, constant broken filers, and low durability.

Recently, I came across the most amazing nail filer concept: GERmanikure double sided Mantra Crystal Nail Filer. And I must say that I simply love how durable and fun these are!

These filers are not your conventional ones, these are actually made in the Czech Republic from thick Bohemian glass. This glass is manageable (not rough), yet designed against any breakage. Not only does this filer not break, but it is actually designed with 3mm glass that never wears off! This means that you have unlimited nail filing!

When I first learned this, I wondered how is it possible for the nail filer to last long without any uneven sides?

It turns out that the filer is made out of some sort of “chemical etching,” allowing the filer to retain its shape all along (you can also use it with wet or dry nails – you choose!!) GERmanikure nail filers are also ANTIBACTERIAL, meaning that you don’t have to worry about any random nail infections or fungus.

Apart from these amazing features, these nail filers come with inspirational quotes- all suitable for your particular personality. Mine says, “Take a Chance, Make a Chance.” And as cliche I might sound, I’m moved by the meaning behind this quote, as it is a reflection of so much struggle and hard work in my life.; it is a reminder of courage even when filing my nails!

They have a multitude of amazing quotes to choose from. Some of my favorites include, “Collect Moments, Not Things, “Seize The Wine,” and “Wake Up And Be Awesome.”

I love how these provide quality nail filing, while keeping it fun and positive. I also think these would make an amazing gift for your BFF or those loved ones in your life.

Don’t forget to check them out!

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