Glam It Up

img_1181Jewelry… Who doesn’t love a fine piece?

When it comes to jewelry, I buy it all. Even so, I still have a particular interest for specific pieces, including rings and earrings. When buying these, I focus on delicate pieces with a minimalistic design, as it allows me to mix and match without looking unfashionably tacky.

Considering that I have one than a single piercing on each ear, and that I work in a very corporate environment, I like keeping my jewelry to a minimum, while at the same time looking elegant, which is why I always chase after small and medium sized studs.

Recently, while on my hunt,  I got a hold of a beautiful pair of Luvami earrings, and I’m genuinely obsessed. I love how simple and delicate these are, yet there is a noted elegance and shine to them. because of its design, I’m able to wear it with additional piercings, chunky jewelry, and statement necklaces, without looking out of place.

The earrings are very light in weight, and have been surprisingly sensitive to my ears, considering that my ears get infected throughout a single day of wearing earrings (whether the material is gold, silver, hypoallergenic, or sterling silver).

Don’t miss out, and check out this fantastic piece!