As you guys may have read on my recent post, it wasn’t long ago when I started experimenting with silicone beauty blenders. Some I hated more than others for a multitude of reasons. My number one problem was that these blenders seemed to rub all the makeup around, instead of doing a nice and smoothContinue reading “Mud”

Beauty Tornado

Out of all the makeup application accessories in my bag, without doubt, my favorite piece is a beauty blender. I own a ton of these, and recently got a hold of a new set by Fairyland. It may sound odd, but there are a bunch of things I like about a beauty blender. I loveContinue reading “Beauty Tornado”

I Freak Out

  I have spent most of my life hearing that you must start taking take of your skin at a young age. I thought this was some sort of “beauty industry gimmick” as I believed that I was young for a reason, and therefore, didn’t need to bother with my skin. As I reached myContinue reading “I Freak Out”

My Mantra

I’m the queen of nail filers. Square shaped nails are my go-to style, and due to my fragile nails and overactive lifestyle, I find myself with broken edges almost every day. As a result, I carry a nail filer everywhere; I have one in every room at my home, my purse, and even at workContinue reading “My Mantra”

Please Find Her

Today I will get a little personal by sharing some experiences on safety. I have three younger siblings and elderly grandparents; therefore, I have have experienced all sorts of safety scares. Children can very hyper and sometimes uncontrollable (there’s no doubt about that). When one of my younger sisters was 3 years old, we decidedContinue reading “Please Find Her”

A Desert Within Me

Today I want to address a topic very dear to my heart:chronic dry eyes. I’ve been struggling with this condition for the past 8 years, and my ophthalmologist (who I have been seeing since I was a child) claimed that he couldn’t do anything to help me as there was no “magical way to cureContinue reading “A Desert Within Me”

Glam It Up

Jewelry… Who doesn’t love a fine piece? When it comes to jewelry, I buy it all. Even so, I still have a particular interest for specific pieces, including rings and earrings. When buying these, I focus on delicate pieces with a minimalistic design, as it allows me to mix and match without looking unfashionably tacky.Continue reading “Glam It Up”

File Those Edges 

As you guys may have noticed, I’m all about finding effective beauty solutions at home. One of my favorite things to do at home is own my nails, as I believe that you don’t have to pay a ton of money for a manicure as long you invest on the right tools! I recently gotContinue reading “File Those Edges “