Paranoia To Its Finest

img_1011I love beauty and makeup: that is certainly no secret. I spend BIG every time I come across a Sephora store (and I honestly don’t regret it). I must also confess that I’m blessed with a number of assets, such as a flawless skin (bingo!). One of my greatly claimed tricks for flawless skin is not to believe everything the beauty industry tells you! Yes, I like makeup, but when it comes to my skin care routine, I keep it natural. It is my belief that most products out there are there to help you out, but in the long run, they invest in ruining other areas of your skin, leading to overspending money on more products!

To give a simple example, lets refer to the world of medicine. A person with high cholesterol may be given medication to decrease these potentially dangerous levels. The medication may be effective at controlling these levels, but in the long run may end up affecting your liver, meaning that you’ll have to take more medication for your liver, and then chain continues… The same happens with your skin! The industry sells you a moisturizer, which may end up messing up with your pores. As a result, you buy a serum to reduce your pores, but this serum messes up with your pH balance, and now you’re seeking to buy witch hazel, and when you least expect it, you find yourself spending hundreds of dollars on all these solutions, but never reaching skin perfection as your never-ending cycle leads to more purchases and more resolutions.

Yes, this sounds overwhelming, which is why it is important to always shop smart.

Now to the point: I own multiple beauty blenders and other sponges to aid on my beauty routine. As all of you know, these get dirty and you can only go two ways – you either wash them or you don’t. As insane it may sound, I avoided washing mine as I felt that the leftover makeup aided a flawless application. At the same time, I have grown concerned about the bacteria and other stuff that can get trapped in it. Not long ago, the market has released a new product – beauty blender cleansers, promising a throughout cleanse from makeup and germs, leaving your blender flawlessly fresh.

“Another beauty gimmick aiming to destroy my beauty blenders” I thought to myself, as I figured that some dish washing soap and hot water could do the job. During my last Sephora shopping spree, I encountered Beautyblender solid Blendercleanser as one of my sample options, and as I ran out of options, I said “why not?”

The bar has a very clean and pleasant scent; it reminded me of Dove’s sensitive line. I lined all my beauty blenders, sponges, and even makeup brushes and headed directly to the sink. I washed my beauty blender in warm water, then proceeded to rub against the blender cleanser, and then washed throughout, and man… I can only say one thing: I was beyond surprised with the results. The soap was sensitive to my hands, which is always a plus. The clean was very throughout and there was absolutely no residue left. My sponges smelled super clean, and the dirt these left behind were more than nasty. One thing I couldn’t help noticing was how long lasting this blender cleanser was. A little went a long way, and it still looks as new! (Note: this was a sample size, meaning that my sample will seriously last a long while).

My final verdict:

  • These beauty blender cleaners do work!
  • Please do wash your beauty blenders! There’s some nasty stuff in there!
  •  I don’t doubt that some brands may be worse than others, which can actually damage my blenders in record time.
  • Beautyblender Solid Blendercleanser is fantastic!
  • Is the $16 price tag worth it? It depends on your cleaning needs, but again, this seriously goes a long way.
  • Will I buy this in the future? I don’t know.
  • Will I decide to use dishwasher soap and warm water next time? Maybe (I’m very stubborn!).