Kill The Ends

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From the moment salons were established, we have all been told that it is a terrible idea to cut our hairs at home. Although this is applicable to most cases, we must also recognize that the trip to the salon and paying for those hair cutting fees can be a nightmare, especially when you’re on a budget. It is no secret that I’ve been trying to grow my hair long for a while, and hair length involves a number of factors, including hair health. As a result, I’m always seeking to find ways to get rid of those dead ends without having to pay a fortune at the salon. If you’re already taking care of your hair, the cutting should be minimal; therefore, I’ve resourced to get my own pair of Bellesentials hair cutting scissors to use at home, and I’m so happy with the decision!

See, you don’t have to cut chunks of hair to keep it healthy. When my ends start splitting, I cut them individually (I know it sounds like it can take an eternity, but it only takes 15 minutes). Bellesentials brings a set with all the necessary tools to make my haircut a breeze, such as a straight edge tool (to keep the cut aligned) and thinning scissors (which is great at eliminating all split ends without affecting my hair’s length).

After I started cutting these ends on my own, my hair is much healthier, my hair has grown lot faster (it is obvious that cutting doesn’t affect length directly, but getting rid of split ends and dead ends gives hair the “health boost” necessary to grow faster); and the best of all – I have saved big on $$$.

Don’t be afraid to cut a few split ends at home!