It Keeps Falling 

I’m a self-declared “queen of silicone bras” as I have tried all sorts of sizes, brands, price tags, and features out there; from the cheapest $3 silicone bras from China, to $75 silicone bras at Nordstrom. After my trials, one thing I did notice for sure – all these bras were the same! The stickiness lasted less than a month and my breast itched by the end of the night. Also, some silicones pads felt heavy on my breast, and many others didn’t provide a nice lift… after the burden, I decided to try silicone bras in multiple sizes, as I thought that a smaller size would have the “stamina” to hold my breast, while a bigger size would provide maximum coverage. After some experimenting I’ve learned the following: a smaller size won’t survive the pressure, while a bigger size provides greater sustainability. After surviving this padded silicone bra war, I decided to give this one more try, and went ahead and tryied 360 Beauty Premium Silicone Magic Bra, and I must say that I’m overall very happy with the results!

The first thing that I found impressive about the Bra was the fact that you can actually choose between two thickness levels at checkout. This may not sound like a big deal to you, but when it comes to silicone bras, ahesiveness and fit isn’t everything! Some of us have bigger or smaller breast than others; therefore, thickness is an important factor when it comes to the lift, hold, and shape of your two friendly pair. Apart from these, the bra adheres greatly to the skin and actually lasts all night without making me feel sore and itchy. The feel is great and the bra is covered in an easy-clean material. The bra is true to size, yet I decided to go a size up to allow maximum coverage and it was worked pretty well.

Don’t forget to give yourself a chance to try this padded goodness 🙂

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