A Girl’s Perspective on TV’s

img_0980I still remember when HD TVs became the new norm: the flat screen view and the modern motions were breath taking. I’ve owned a few since their release, and I must say that the upgrade has been fantastic. Not long ago, a newer version of our HD counterparts has been released – Ultra HD or UHD 4K TVs. There are many features that differentiates UHD from HD including its increased resolution and greater application of pixels. When I first read this, I didn’t think that the difference would be optimum, as the most notable difference was the increased pixels. Nevertheless, I decided to go to my local tech store to see the improvements on my own.

One thing for sure: the differences are apparent! I compared the TVs side by side; and yes, the HD TV has a great resolution, view, and feel. But compared to the UHD 4K features, I was able to perceive all the pixels behind be image. While on the other hand, UHD 4K TV has a completely smooth and solid surface. The resolution was bright, and the colors were so rich that it became mesmerizing.

After being convinced that this new UHD 4K feature was a must have, I decided that I wanted to go for Samsung’s 65 inch UHD (best color and resolution out of them all) but sadly, Samsung was gone, not only in this store, but all store locations within my state. Having to go for a second option, my second favorite was Vizio’s 55 inch (there was exactly one left in the store) so I went straight for it.

Vizio has a modern and sleek look – in fact, it made my living room look X10 more modern (which is always one of my top household goals). Upon setting it up, I noticed one interesting thing: the TV remote has very limited features. The remote allowed to change input and the mode of the TV, but when it comes to the more complex and necessary modifications (ex. the hue of the tone of the TV) you must own a smartphone or a tablet as you’re required to download an app and set it up in order to access these additional features. I have a love/hate relationship with this new “management system” as I feel it can be limiting in many ways. After doing some online research, I did notice that many 4K HDTV have adopted this feature, which is something to keep in mind. Even though it feels somewhat limiting, I do like the fact that it allows streaming from my iPhone: I can directly stream Spotify, Pandora, YouTube, Netflix, and about 1,000 other applications.

After I started using the TV I did notice a very prominent key point that I bypassed while at the store: its adaptability. Although it looked fantastic at the store (with their pre-recorded images), there are still many TV shows or even YouTube videos that don’t have a resolution suitable for the UHD 4K era. I’m sure it won’t take long for these changes to be widespread, but it is certainly something to keep in mind. At the moment, I think this feature is necessary as long you’re exposed to the “best of the best” on T.V. or if you like your movies up-to-date.

In the end, is the update worth it? It looks great, but not necessarily! The features are great, but the difference isn’t a great as I expected, especially if your programming isn’t up-to-par or your movie is a couple of years old.

Do you own a UHD 4K TV? If so, do you think that the upgrade was worth it?