Golden Goddess


Sunny days like today’s gets me into a huge summer vibe. As the warmer days approach us, one of my biggest goals is to accomplish a natural golden glow – yes, I want to look like a golden piece of art. I have tried all methods possible to accomplish that perfect golden glow, but sadly without any success.

For example:
-Tanning with a lot of sunscreen, which resulted in a tan similar to a toast.
-Tanning with coconut oil, which resulted to a terrible sunburn.
-Tanning with carrot juice, which led to absolutely no results.
-Applying at home tanning, which led to an orange glow.
-Applying body makeup, which lead to all sorts of hues except a natural golden glow.
– Applying body glitter lotion, ending up looking like a 10 year old.

After my golden journey, I simply gave up on the idea. And so many years later, I have encountered the opportunity to try Gold Glitter Up Secret Body Cream and I must say that this is greater than anything I had tried.

I love that this cream has a fantastic elegant smell (it reminds me of something I would buy at Sephora). This aspect was important for me as most body creams aimed for body glow smell like raw chemicals. The cream is also very light weight and it actually goes a long way.

The application was also a breeze! I was seriously expecting my skin to turn yellow or to have glitter all over the place. On the contrary, the cream spreads nicely, meaning that my skin tone stays the same, while giving it an amazing golden glow – this was exactly what I wanted to accomplish! A natural skin with a hint of golden goodness.

I’m beyond obsessed with my Gold Glitter Up Secret Body Cream, and I seriously won’t ditch it for anything else.

What are your body glam secrets?

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