Painful Toes

img_0743I have a mini confession to make: as many of you out there, I have super-duper dry skin. This dryness doesn’t only affect my hands, delicate face, and scalp, but also my feet, leaving them with cracked heels and hard bumps.

I have tried multiple tactics to relieve the dry cracks on my feet, including:

  1. Daily moisturizer
  2. Higher intake of water
  3. Hydrating socks (they came with some sort of reusable/hydrating gel)
  4. In-shower callus remover

Some of these tactics were better than others. However, after only very few days, my feet would go back to my normal, dry and cracked self… meaning that these solutions weren’t permanent, or didn’t target the root of this never-ending cracks.

As I continued on the hunt for an effective solution, I decided to purchase a roller callus remover. The remover itself was potent, but the head didn’t have enough texture for an effective job (it was a weak as a nail filer).

I came across the opportunity to try this callus remover replacement heads by Naturally 30, and I thought it would’ve been a great idea to replace my roller’s head for generic ones (very simple solution, yet I just didn’t think of this for whatever reason!).

The replacement heads have certainly been a life saver. The heads are actually very strong and very well made, regardless of the fact that these are a generic brand. The heads actually have much texture, and the texture is strong, which has been great at removing the dead skin effectively and fast. After I started using these, my feet are actually so smooth, and they haven’t gone back to rough as with the previous methods. I’m overall very happy with these, and I highly recommend them!

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