Outside That Box

img_0748This is not your typical “self-acceptance” speech. Instead, is a plead to fulfill my own personal expectations. Don’t get me wrong, people should love and accept who they represent as human beings; and most importantly, we should accept people for what they represent in mind and spirit, rather than what their bodies represent.

There are certain things in my body that I hate: not because society told me to hate these, not because other people claim to hate these, but because these don’t make me feel comfortable in my own skin. I think that this is the important breaking point between self-acceptance and society: you should want to make changes to your body based on your own personal expectations, rather than what society or other people deem appropriate for yourself.

My case is many different from others, I hate A, B, or C from my body… society thinks I posses an “acceptable” representation of my body; however, I’m completely unhappy in myself, as what society has deemed appropriate for me, isn’t what I have deemed appropriate for my own body.

I have tried the “self-acceptance” notion, but when standards come from inward (what I truly want for myself) rather than outward (what the world tells me about myself) it is hard to go through life accepting something that is beyond unacceptable within myself.

Long story short, don’t let the world determine who you are and what you should look like. Look within you, and seek to accomplish whatever makes your soul happy.

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