The Thirst

img_0662Okay, this is not your typical post, but I’m actually super excited for my brand new Brita Stream!

Water filters are a must to avoid the junk (and disgusting chlorine taste) in water. After trying a few filters, I was annoyed with the slow filtering process, filter residue (rock/dust like stuff at the bottom of the filter) and constant filter replacement, so I simply stopped using filters. After a while, I had the great opportunity to try Brita Stream, and I’m so surprised by how well they opt their game!

  • The water filter filters water right away, so I don’t have to wait for the entire water to go through!
  • The design is actually really cool and modern, so it doesn’t look like I have junk in the fridge.
  • It actually filters ice water!
  • The pour is controlled, meaning that the pour is precise and I don’t have to deal with unwanted mess.

I could go on and on, but I would end up making a really long post. Long story short, I love this!

I received my Britan Stream from Influenster for testing purposes – but all opinions are mine!

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