Kiss My ***

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and if you’re a single gal like myself, you’re probably overwhelmed with all the love posts, date ideas, and massive heart shaped chocolates on sale.

I won’t lie to you! Valentine’s Day is (or used to be) my most hated day in the year, as it has been a constant reminder that I’ve been single my entire life. On top of everything, people won’t stop asking what one will do on Valentine’s Day, just to end with some pitiful idea or suggestion, such as making Valentine’s Day about love for the world. Thankfully, this post is not about self-pity, but making Valentine’s Day TOTALLY ABOUT YOU! Therefore, I will make a list of fun things to do on Valentine’s Day to show love to your fantastic self. 

  1. Watch Fifty Shades Darker (this is so on the top of my list).
  2. Stop by your local beauty store and buy yourself a fantastic set of bubble baths and bath bombs (if you have an overwhelming job like myself, you’ll so need this).
  3. Go to the liquor store and buy the most expensive bottle of champagne (YOLO)… plus, if you were dating, you would have to do this anyways.
  4. Eat an entire box of cheese pizza by yourself (I tried this once, and seriously had the greatest Valentine’s Day).
  5. Buy sexy lingerie and wear it for yourself (seeing yourself in the mirror will be a self-esteem booster).
  6. Re-run your favorite TV series along a huge bottle of wine.
  7. Buy those pair of shoes you’ve always wanted.
  8. Get spiritual: go to yoga class!
  9. Go to a spa and get a massage.
  10. Go to the salon and change your hair style/color.
  11. Do community service: there are many people out there that need some love and time from us!

Don’t hesitate to make Valentine’s Day about giving yourself well deserved love and appreciation. Do you have any Valentine’s Day ideas?