Paranoia To Its Finest

img_1011I love beauty and makeup: that is certainly no secret. I spend BIG every time I come across a Sephora store (and I honestly don’t regret it). I must also confess that I’m blessed with a number of assets, such as a flawless skin (bingo!). One of my greatly claimed tricks for flawless skin is not to believe everything the beauty industry tells you! Yes, I like makeup, but when it comes to my skin care routine, I keep it natural. It is my belief that most products out there are there to help you out, but in the long run, they invest in ruining other areas of your skin, leading to overspending money on more products!

To give a simple example, lets refer to the world of medicine. A person with high cholesterol may be given medication to decrease these potentially dangerous levels. The medication may be effective at controlling these levels, but in the long run may end up affecting your liver, meaning that you’ll have to take more medication for your liver, and then chain continues… The same happens with your skin! The industry sells you a moisturizer, which may end up messing up with your pores. As a result, you buy a serum to reduce your pores, but this serum messes up with your pH balance, and now you’re seeking to buy witch hazel, and when you least expect it, you find yourself spending hundreds of dollars on all these solutions, but never reaching skin perfection as your never-ending cycle leads to more purchases and more resolutions.

Yes, this sounds overwhelming, which is why it is important to always shop smart.

Now to the point: I own multiple beauty blenders and other sponges to aid on my beauty routine. As all of you know, these get dirty and you can only go two ways – you either wash them or you don’t. As insane it may sound, I avoided washing mine as I felt that the leftover makeup aided a flawless application. At the same time, I have grown concerned about the bacteria and other stuff that can get trapped in it. Not long ago, the market has released a new product – beauty blender cleansers, promising a throughout cleanse from makeup and germs, leaving your blender flawlessly fresh.

“Another beauty gimmick aiming to destroy my beauty blenders” I thought to myself, as I figured that some dish washing soap and hot water could do the job. During my last Sephora shopping spree, I encountered Beautyblender solid Blendercleanser as one of my sample options, and as I ran out of options, I said “why not?”

The bar has a very clean and pleasant scent; it reminded me of Dove’s sensitive line. I lined all my beauty blenders, sponges, and even makeup brushes and headed directly to the sink. I washed my beauty blender in warm water, then proceeded to rub against the blender cleanser, and then washed throughout, and man… I can only say one thing: I was beyond surprised with the results. The soap was sensitive to my hands, which is always a plus. The clean was very throughout and there was absolutely no residue left. My sponges smelled super clean, and the dirt these left behind were more than nasty. One thing I couldn’t help noticing was how long lasting this blender cleanser was. A little went a long way, and it still looks as new! (Note: this was a sample size, meaning that my sample will seriously last a long while).

My final verdict:

  • These beauty blender cleaners do work!
  • Please do wash your beauty blenders! There’s some nasty stuff in there!
  •  I don’t doubt that some brands may be worse than others, which can actually damage my blenders in record time.
  • Beautyblender Solid Blendercleanser is fantastic!
  • Is the $16 price tag worth it? It depends on your cleaning needs, but again, this seriously goes a long way.
  • Will I buy this in the future? I don’t know.
  • Will I decide to use dishwasher soap and warm water next time? Maybe (I’m very stubborn!).


Kill The Ends

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From the moment salons were established, we have all been told that it is a terrible idea to cut our hairs at home. Although this is applicable to most cases, we must also recognize that the trip to the salon and paying for those hair cutting fees can be a nightmare, especially when you’re on a budget. It is no secret that I’ve been trying to grow my hair long for a while, and hair length involves a number of factors, including hair health. As a result, I’m always seeking to find ways to get rid of those dead ends without having to pay a fortune at the salon. If you’re already taking care of your hair, the cutting should be minimal; therefore, I’ve resourced to get my own pair of Bellesentials hair cutting scissors to use at home, and I’m so happy with the decision!

See, you don’t have to cut chunks of hair to keep it healthy. When my ends start splitting, I cut them individually (I know it sounds like it can take an eternity, but it only takes 15 minutes). Bellesentials brings a set with all the necessary tools to make my haircut a breeze, such as a straight edge tool (to keep the cut aligned) and thinning scissors (which is great at eliminating all split ends without affecting my hair’s length).

After I started cutting these ends on my own, my hair is much healthier, my hair has grown lot faster (it is obvious that cutting doesn’t affect length directly, but getting rid of split ends and dead ends gives hair the “health boost” necessary to grow faster); and the best of all – I have saved big on $$$.

Don’t be afraid to cut a few split ends at home!

A Girl’s Perspective on TV’s

img_0980I still remember when HD TVs became the new norm: the flat screen view and the modern motions were breath taking. I’ve owned a few since their release, and I must say that the upgrade has been fantastic. Not long ago, a newer version of our HD counterparts has been released – Ultra HD or UHD 4K TVs. There are many features that differentiates UHD from HD including its increased resolution and greater application of pixels. When I first read this, I didn’t think that the difference would be optimum, as the most notable difference was the increased pixels. Nevertheless, I decided to go to my local tech store to see the improvements on my own.

One thing for sure: the differences are apparent! I compared the TVs side by side; and yes, the HD TV has a great resolution, view, and feel. But compared to the UHD 4K features, I was able to perceive all the pixels behind be image. While on the other hand, UHD 4K TV has a completely smooth and solid surface. The resolution was bright, and the colors were so rich that it became mesmerizing.

After being convinced that this new UHD 4K feature was a must have, I decided that I wanted to go for Samsung’s 65 inch UHD (best color and resolution out of them all) but sadly, Samsung was gone, not only in this store, but all store locations within my state. Having to go for a second option, my second favorite was Vizio’s 55 inch (there was exactly one left in the store) so I went straight for it.

Vizio has a modern and sleek look – in fact, it made my living room look X10 more modern (which is always one of my top household goals). Upon setting it up, I noticed one interesting thing: the TV remote has very limited features. The remote allowed to change input and the mode of the TV, but when it comes to the more complex and necessary modifications (ex. the hue of the tone of the TV) you must own a smartphone or a tablet as you’re required to download an app and set it up in order to access these additional features. I have a love/hate relationship with this new “management system” as I feel it can be limiting in many ways. After doing some online research, I did notice that many 4K HDTV have adopted this feature, which is something to keep in mind. Even though it feels somewhat limiting, I do like the fact that it allows streaming from my iPhone: I can directly stream Spotify, Pandora, YouTube, Netflix, and about 1,000 other applications.

After I started using the TV I did notice a very prominent key point that I bypassed while at the store: its adaptability. Although it looked fantastic at the store (with their pre-recorded images), there are still many TV shows or even YouTube videos that don’t have a resolution suitable for the UHD 4K era. I’m sure it won’t take long for these changes to be widespread, but it is certainly something to keep in mind. At the moment, I think this feature is necessary as long you’re exposed to the “best of the best” on T.V. or if you like your movies up-to-date.

In the end, is the update worth it? It looks great, but not necessarily! The features are great, but the difference isn’t a great as I expected, especially if your programming isn’t up-to-par or your movie is a couple of years old.

Do you own a UHD 4K TV? If so, do you think that the upgrade was worth it?


It Keeps Falling 

I’m a self-declared “queen of silicone bras” as I have tried all sorts of sizes, brands, price tags, and features out there; from the cheapest $3 silicone bras from China, to $75 silicone bras at Nordstrom. After my trials, one thing I did notice for sure – all these bras were the same! The stickiness lasted less than a month and my breast itched by the end of the night. Also, some silicones pads felt heavy on my breast, and many others didn’t provide a nice lift… after the burden, I decided to try silicone bras in multiple sizes, as I thought that a smaller size would have the “stamina” to hold my breast, while a bigger size would provide maximum coverage. After some experimenting I’ve learned the following: a smaller size won’t survive the pressure, while a bigger size provides greater sustainability. After surviving this padded silicone bra war, I decided to give this one more try, and went ahead and tryied 360 Beauty Premium Silicone Magic Bra, and I must say that I’m overall very happy with the results!

The first thing that I found impressive about the Bra was the fact that you can actually choose between two thickness levels at checkout. This may not sound like a big deal to you, but when it comes to silicone bras, ahesiveness and fit isn’t everything! Some of us have bigger or smaller breast than others; therefore, thickness is an important factor when it comes to the lift, hold, and shape of your two friendly pair. Apart from these, the bra adheres greatly to the skin and actually lasts all night without making me feel sore and itchy. The feel is great and the bra is covered in an easy-clean material. The bra is true to size, yet I decided to go a size up to allow maximum coverage and it was worked pretty well.

Don’t forget to give yourself a chance to try this padded goodness 🙂

Golden Goddess


Sunny days like today’s gets me into a huge summer vibe. As the warmer days approach us, one of my biggest goals is to accomplish a natural golden glow – yes, I want to look like a golden piece of art. I have tried all methods possible to accomplish that perfect golden glow, but sadly without any success.

For example:
-Tanning with a lot of sunscreen, which resulted in a tan similar to a toast.
-Tanning with coconut oil, which resulted to a terrible sunburn.
-Tanning with carrot juice, which led to absolutely no results.
-Applying at home tanning, which led to an orange glow.
-Applying body makeup, which lead to all sorts of hues except a natural golden glow.
– Applying body glitter lotion, ending up looking like a 10 year old.

After my golden journey, I simply gave up on the idea. And so many years later, I have encountered the opportunity to try Gold Glitter Up Secret Body Cream and I must say that this is greater than anything I had tried.

I love that this cream has a fantastic elegant smell (it reminds me of something I would buy at Sephora). This aspect was important for me as most body creams aimed for body glow smell like raw chemicals. The cream is also very light weight and it actually goes a long way.

The application was also a breeze! I was seriously expecting my skin to turn yellow or to have glitter all over the place. On the contrary, the cream spreads nicely, meaning that my skin tone stays the same, while giving it an amazing golden glow – this was exactly what I wanted to accomplish! A natural skin with a hint of golden goodness.

I’m beyond obsessed with my Gold Glitter Up Secret Body Cream, and I seriously won’t ditch it for anything else.

What are your body glam secrets?

Find yours here:
Juicy Skin Care Gold Glitter up! – Gold Bond Lotion – Body glitter lotion & Smoothing Lotion. 5.29oz.

Outside That Box

img_0748This is not your typical “self-acceptance” speech. Instead, is a plead to fulfill my own personal expectations. Don’t get me wrong, people should love and accept who they represent as human beings; and most importantly, we should accept people for what they represent in mind and spirit, rather than what their bodies represent.

There are certain things in my body that I hate: not because society told me to hate these, not because other people claim to hate these, but because these don’t make me feel comfortable in my own skin. I think that this is the important breaking point between self-acceptance and society: you should want to make changes to your body based on your own personal expectations, rather than what society or other people deem appropriate for yourself.

My case is many different from others, I hate A, B, or C from my body… society thinks I posses an “acceptable” representation of my body; however, I’m completely unhappy in myself, as what society has deemed appropriate for me, isn’t what I have deemed appropriate for my own body.

I have tried the “self-acceptance” notion, but when standards come from inward (what I truly want for myself) rather than outward (what the world tells me about myself) it is hard to go through life accepting something that is beyond unacceptable within myself.

Long story short, don’t let the world determine who you are and what you should look like. Look within you, and seek to accomplish whatever makes your soul happy.

Sweet Tunes

img_0747I cannot stress enough how hectic my life is… Yes, work and activities are hectic, but I can also be quite hectic myself. I’m very picky and I don’t like most things, making life 10 times harder than it needs to be. There are quite a few things that I enjoy, including innumerable hours of Calvin Harris in replay. As a result, out of my very minuscule list of things I love, a good set of speakers and headphones to enjoy my favorite tunes are CRUCIAL in my personal survival guide.

I have tried multiple Bluetooth speakers, some better than others, so I do have a clear perspective of what I want from a classy and effective speaker. These features may include:

  1. iPhone compatibility (and I mean, connect to my iPhone right away! don’t spend 1000 hours trying to find connectivity!)
  2. Light weight
  3. Amazing sound
  4. Decent battery time
  5. And a sleek look (good performance doesn’t have to be equitable to an ugly gadget!)

Very few Bluetooth speakers have met these demands, one of the winners being Ancord’s Mini Bluetooth Speaker 6W+.

I love that Ancord is small in size (fits on the palm of my hand). This means that I’m able to fit it in the smallest of purses and be on-the-go. The Bluetooth speaker is actually very sleek and modern, so I’m not afraid to show it off wherever I go. Not only does it connect to my iPhone right away (and remembers its last connection), but it’s also able to connect to other devices such as MP3 players, PC, iPods, Galaxy, CDs, and other devices.

Don’t let the size fool you! This is potent, the performance is fantastic, and the volume can go as loud as can get. Yes, this is loud, but it doesn’t make any uncomfortable rough noises like most speakers. Instead, the sound is smooth, sleek, and you’re able to hear and enjoy every bass and instrument present in your favorite song. I’m so in love with my new Ancord Mini Bluetooth Speaker, and I highly recommend it.


Painful Toes

img_0743I have a mini confession to make: as many of you out there, I have super-duper dry skin. This dryness doesn’t only affect my hands, delicate face, and scalp, but also my feet, leaving them with cracked heels and hard bumps.

I have tried multiple tactics to relieve the dry cracks on my feet, including:

  1. Daily moisturizer
  2. Higher intake of water
  3. Hydrating socks (they came with some sort of reusable/hydrating gel)
  4. In-shower callus remover

Some of these tactics were better than others. However, after only very few days, my feet would go back to my normal, dry and cracked self… meaning that these solutions weren’t permanent, or didn’t target the root of this never-ending cracks.

As I continued on the hunt for an effective solution, I decided to purchase a roller callus remover. The remover itself was potent, but the head didn’t have enough texture for an effective job (it was a weak as a nail filer).

I came across the opportunity to try this callus remover replacement heads by Naturally 30, and I thought it would’ve been a great idea to replace my roller’s head for generic ones (very simple solution, yet I just didn’t think of this for whatever reason!).

The replacement heads have certainly been a life saver. The heads are actually very strong and very well made, regardless of the fact that these are a generic brand. The heads actually have much texture, and the texture is strong, which has been great at removing the dead skin effectively and fast. After I started using these, my feet are actually so smooth, and they haven’t gone back to rough as with the previous methods. I’m overall very happy with these, and I highly recommend them!

Kiss My ***

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and if you’re a single gal like myself, you’re probably overwhelmed with all the love posts, date ideas, and massive heart shaped chocolates on sale.

I won’t lie to you! Valentine’s Day is (or used to be) my most hated day in the year, as it has been a constant reminder that I’ve been single my entire life. On top of everything, people won’t stop asking what one will do on Valentine’s Day, just to end with some pitiful idea or suggestion, such as making Valentine’s Day about love for the world. Thankfully, this post is not about self-pity, but making Valentine’s Day TOTALLY ABOUT YOU! Therefore, I will make a list of fun things to do on Valentine’s Day to show love to your fantastic self. 

  1. Watch Fifty Shades Darker (this is so on the top of my list).
  2. Stop by your local beauty store and buy yourself a fantastic set of bubble baths and bath bombs (if you have an overwhelming job like myself, you’ll so need this).
  3. Go to the liquor store and buy the most expensive bottle of champagne (YOLO)… plus, if you were dating, you would have to do this anyways.
  4. Eat an entire box of cheese pizza by yourself (I tried this once, and seriously had the greatest Valentine’s Day).
  5. Buy sexy lingerie and wear it for yourself (seeing yourself in the mirror will be a self-esteem booster).
  6. Re-run your favorite TV series along a huge bottle of wine.
  7. Buy those pair of shoes you’ve always wanted.
  8. Get spiritual: go to yoga class!
  9. Go to a spa and get a massage.
  10. Go to the salon and change your hair style/color.
  11. Do community service: there are many people out there that need some love and time from us!

Don’t hesitate to make Valentine’s Day about giving yourself well deserved love and appreciation. Do you have any Valentine’s Day ideas?

The Thirst

img_0662Okay, this is not your typical post, but I’m actually super excited for my brand new Brita Stream!

Water filters are a must to avoid the junk (and disgusting chlorine taste) in water. After trying a few filters, I was annoyed with the slow filtering process, filter residue (rock/dust like stuff at the bottom of the filter) and constant filter replacement, so I simply stopped using filters. After a while, I had the great opportunity to try Brita Stream, and I’m so surprised by how well they opt their game!

  • The water filter filters water right away, so I don’t have to wait for the entire water to go through!
  • The design is actually really cool and modern, so it doesn’t look like I have junk in the fridge.
  • It actually filters ice water!
  • The pour is controlled, meaning that the pour is precise and I don’t have to deal with unwanted mess.

I could go on and on, but I would end up making a really long post. Long story short, I love this!

I received my Britan Stream from Influenster for testing purposes – but all opinions are mine!