Paranoia To Its Finest

I love beauty and makeup: that is certainly no secret. I spend BIG every time I come across a Sephora store (and I honestly don’t regret it). I must also confess that I’m blessed with a number of assets, such as a flawless skin (bingo!). One of my greatly claimed tricks for flawless skin isContinue reading “Paranoia To Its Finest”

Kill The Ends

From the moment salons were established, we have all been told that it is a terrible idea to cut our hairs at home. Although this is applicable to most cases, we must also recognize that the trip to the salon and paying for those hair cutting fees can be a nightmare, especially when you’re onContinue reading “Kill The Ends”

A Girl’s Perspective on TV’s

I still remember when HD TVs became the new norm: the flat screen view and the modern motions were breath taking. I’ve owned a few since their release, and I must say that the upgrade has been fantastic. Not long ago, a newer version of our HD counterparts has been released – Ultra HD orContinue reading “A Girl’s Perspective on TV’s”

It Keeps Falling 

I’m a self-declared “queen of silicone bras” as I have tried all sorts of sizes, brands, price tags, and features out there; from the cheapest $3 silicone bras from China, to $75 silicone bras at Nordstrom. After my trials, one thing I did notice for sure – all these bras were the same! The stickinessContinue reading “It Keeps Falling “

Golden Goddess

Sunny days like today’s gets me into a huge summer vibe. As the warmer days approach us, one of my biggest goals is to accomplish a natural golden glow – yes, I want to look like a golden piece of art. I have tried all methods possible to accomplish that perfect golden glow, but sadlyContinue reading “Golden Goddess”

Outside That Box

This is not your typical “self-acceptance” speech. Instead, is a plead to fulfill my own personal expectations. Don’t get me wrong, people should love and accept who they represent as human beings; and most importantly, we should accept people for what they represent in mind and spirit, rather than what their bodies represent. There areContinue reading “Outside That Box”

Sweet Tunes

I cannot stress enough how hectic my life is… Yes, work and activities are hectic, but I can also be quite hectic myself. I’m very picky and I don’t like most things, making life 10 times harder than it needs to be. There are quite a few things that I enjoy, including innumerable hours ofContinue reading “Sweet Tunes”

Painful Toes

I have a mini confession to make: as many of you out there, I have super-duper dry skin. This dryness doesn’t only affect my hands, delicate face, and scalp, but also my feet, leaving them with cracked heels and hard bumps. I have tried multiple tactics to relieve the dry cracks on my feet, including:Continue reading “Painful Toes”

Kiss My ***

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and if you’re a single gal like myself, you’re probably overwhelmed with all the love posts, date ideas, and massive heart shaped chocolates on sale. I won’t lie to you! Valentine’s Day is (or used to be) my most hated day in the year, as it has been aContinue reading “Kiss My ***”

The Thirst

Okay, this is not your typical post, but I’m actually super excited for my brand new Brita Stream! Water filters are a must to avoid the junk (and disgusting chlorine taste) in water. After trying a few filters, I was annoyed with the slow filtering process, filter residue (rock/dust like stuff at the bottom ofContinue reading “The Thirst”